American Red Cross FR1 Emergency Weather Radio with Smartphone Charger

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This Emergency Radio by Eton for the American Red Cross is just Perfect for Power outages. I got mine and Charged it up by the USB Plug right away, so it's ready for it's next use. The Radio is easy to operate, with clear Buttons that are easy to find. The operation is simple, just press the Power Button and what ever Station you had the Radio on the last time it was on plays. The Center Band Button Toggles through AM,FM, and Weather band, and all three can be set and left on your local News or Weather Station. The Small Antenna picks up good Signals here at my Rural Home. This is no Boom Box but the Sound is Clear and totally useable in a Emergency Situation. The added Flashlight Feature is great, although I have many Flashlights, this works for what it is. And the ability to Crank the Unit to Charge it is just Great! It does take some long duration of cranking to keep things powered up, but in a Pinch if you let this discharge, you can crank it and still listen to the Radio or use the Light. Even Charge a Cell Phone in a Pinch. It will alleviate some of that "I'M BOARD" time while the Power is off and there's not much to do, and you can get some tension off, by cranking away for a while on this. All in all its a Great Size to keep in any Emergency Kit, not to Big and not so small it can't be used and Cranked comfortably. I've even bought some as Gifts. Get one of more of these, for piece of mind. You will be Glad you did !
The Eton FR1 am/fm WX radio is easy to use, very compact and a good sounding quality radio. The crank is nice weighted and gets those arm muscles in shape for person over 50 (LOL); can also be charged via mini USB - picked this one up at a great price. This is a nice update to the old FR300 - enjoy using it - its a nice radio and its small size make it travel friendly.

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