Cool Hand 1911 Grip Handle 0.23″ Thick 440C Stainless Steel Blade Tanto Beast Survival Knife

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  • The 0.23" thick and 6.5" long blade makes for a heavy-duty badass beast knife which will break almost everything
  • High carbon 440C stainless steel blade in black stone-washed finish.
  • Great tool for self defense, camping, hunting, first response, prying, chopping. Perfect for adventurists and survivalists
  • Includes Kydex Sheath with ambidextrous belt mount. Solid...

    User reviews

    I don't know what kind of knife these other reviewers received but let me begin with the most obvious. While the included photos isn't great, this blade stock measured PRECISELY 3/16th of an inch. That's 0.1875 - nowhere near the advertised 0.23" From the box it was clear this knife had already been returned by someone once who'd likely discovered the same thing I did. The blade tip is EXTREMELY thin; I wouldn't trust it to heavy use. Bummer. Tanto knives are supposed to be sturdy puncturing tools, but this one clearly wasn't.The knife was heavy, all the weight being concentrated in the bulky handle whose scaled texture was sharp and should have be softened to prevent hot spots during use. Holding the knife perpendicular across the finger guard, it was much heavier on the handle side. Who wants to lug a heavy handle around with a super thin blade? Not me.And lastly, what's with the weird cut outs in the scales? No explanation given but they serve no function whatever. At first I thought mine had a defective scale but when I looked on the Amazon image, that example too had a crescent shape cut out of the scale at the same location. On the other side, a slot is cut out. Another reviewer said these didn't fit his 1911, so those glitches and divots can't be for that. I don't have a 1911 but even if I did, really? Who would put knife scales on a sidearm? Just seems like a weird gimmick. But the knife was heavy with a fragile looking undernourished blade, so I returned it.
    No impressed. The screws were near impossible to remove and once out I discovered the grips are glued on, so if you want to have a knife and gun with matching grips, not this knife.

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