EVERLIT [Advanced] Emergency Survival Kit Gear Tool First Aid Kit SOS Emergency Tactical Flashlight Blanket Bracelets Compass with Molle Pouch for Camping Adventures

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  • ✅【A Must-Have Emergency Survival Kit First Aid Kit 】 Upgraded from the best-selling EVERLIT Emergency Survival Kit, improved by the Army Vets, field-tested by the Ex-Army Sergeant. The most comprehensive, advanced, quality Survival First Aid Kit on the market, comprises heavy-duty survival tools/gears and essential first aid supplies packed in a Mil-Spec Molle System Compatible...

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    Someone writing about the recent snowstorms in NY (and a story about someone who gotstuck in their car in a blizzard or snowbank for two weeks) reminded me it's a good idea to keep a small emergency kit in the vehicle, which I really don't, I have some car emergency kits and such, I just got a basiccar tool kit, etc., but this fit the bill for a starter car emergency kit. The quality of all the elements in this kit seem very high, I haven't checked every single item, but so far, so good. The flashlight is decent, first aid kit looks fine,and it's nice to have an extra folder knife and tools and such, and a rain poncho. I always keep a first aidkit in my car, anyway.I also added some ZeroDark batterylantern and head lantern kits, for good measure. I ordered some emergency food bars and Gatoradesfor the kit, and once that shows, I should be in better shape, in case I ever have a car emergency or roademergency, or get stuck somewhere. This is unlikely in LI NY, but you never know. It's also a good ideato keep a radio or two (HAM, scanner and crank emergency) of various kinds in the car, dental kit, and some other such things. I'm not building a full bug-out bag, but for a mobile kit, this seemed an excellent value, and it is. The case it comes in is great, and secure. Survival knives (don't go cheap) I've got, though a hatchet would be useful.Another thing I was told is crucial is a good quality compass, and I also need a good car battery jumpstarterrechargeable unit, which I'm ordering asap. I already have a good tire inflator/light kit, which has provenindispensable, especially in the winter snowstorm weather lately. Also, get a good kit of road flares,you may just need them. Binoculars might be useful as well, preferably a good pair with day/night vision.I'm no survivalist, but I like to be prepared.
    My boyfriend and I are both Army Veterans, so I love that there was an American Flag patch on the kit. I gave this to him for a Valentines Day gift along with a med kit to keep in his vehicle.The bag itself feels durable and has multiple options for carry. Inside are extras for attaching. The zipper opens easily.He opened everything like a kid at Christmas, it was awesome. He really liked the Gerber-like tool set, you just can’t have too many of those!! After he opened this, we actually went to this company’s website and ordered some more items!!!I shared emails with the seller (sent on a Sunday), who was very responsive and gave feedback the next day (Monday morning).

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