250pcs Tactical First Aid Kit Includes Molle Compatible Bag – Perfect for Survival Kit, Emergency Kit, Tactical Bag, First Aid Kit for Camping and Hiking, Cars, Boating First Aid (Camoflage)

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  • 🔥 250 TOTAL PIECES - Our military grade IFAK includes 239 pcs quality medical and trauma items for emergencies, and 11 survival or combat supplies. Perfect and compact for every day activities. Great gift for family or friends.
  • 🔥 EXCEEDS OSHA GUIDELINES - Designed and made with quality standards in mind. Our gear will keep you well-prepared in the field. Whether...

    User reviews

    I really like how comprehensive this kit is for a starter. Bag feels very sturdy and versatile. I feel like the person who chose the contents may have ADD because it kind of got off track heading towards survival kit contents.I will be removing the survival kit items and will be replacing them with some more trauma related items like a suture kit, a permenant marker, a scalpel, and a tracheatomy kit.I also feel like there should be better identification of items in the kit and basic first aid instructions for each. In case of the hypothetical situation where the person using the kit may not be the person who owns and or is trained to use the kit. For example, I will be keeping this kit in my work vehicle, God for bid I were in a bad accident and the people who came to my aid weren't first aid certified and found my kit in plain site.This brings me to my only REAL complaint. The only instructions or identification markings for items in this kit are VERY poorly translated to English or not translated at all. Especially in an emergency instructions and labels must be large, clear, and concise. It may be nice to replace the poncho with a comprehensive first aid manual and include a laminated list of contents attached to the bag. Including blank spots for additional items.
    I bought this for our new (to us) Polaris RZR side-by-side to have with us while out on the trails.The bag is perfect. Its actually a two piece bag.There are two button clips on the back of the bag (I'll call this the mount" which I wrapped around the bar behind the passengers head. There is a clip/strap, on the mount, that straps the kit to the mount.The kit connects to the mount with a large Velcro patch.So you just disconnect the clip/strap and rip the kit from the Velcro, leaving the mount piece behind. When you are done using the kit, just Velcro it back in place and reconnect the mounting strap.The contents are great. I'm planning on adding this to it.Antacid - for indigestionAntidiarrheal (Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, for example)Antihistamine creamAntiseptic agent (small bottle liquid soap) - for cleaning wounds and handsAspirin - for mild pain, heart attackDiphenhydramine (Benadryl) - oral antihistamineBook on first aidCigarette lighterIbuprofen (Advil is one brand name);Insect repellantMoleskin - to apply to blisters or hot spotsPolysporin antibiotic ointmentPlastic resealable bags (oven and sandwich)SunscreenThere were too many cotton swabs in the kit. Which accounts for quite a bit of the 250 pcs count. I would have liked to have less swabs and any of the items above added to it.Also, I would have liked more medical tape. Seems like a small roll to me.Otherwise, I would buy again.Worked perfect for my application.Hopefully I won't need it, but I should be fairly prepared.

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