KOSIN Survival Gear and Equipment, 500 Pcs Survival First Aid kit, Fishing Gifts for Men Dad Boy Fathers Day, Trauma Bag Compatible Outdoor Tactical Gear Molle Pouch for Camping Hunting Hiking

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  • 【Great Quality Survival Gears & Medical Kit】Including the most popular survival necessities: 3-mode tactical flashlight, tactical pen, multi-function bracelet (compass, whistle), Tactical knife, etc., and fishing equipment set (10Pcs) can solve the problem of finding food outdoors. Comprehensive first aid kit for first aid, which can treat wounds soon to prevent wound infections. It is ideal for taking care of any medical emergency needs during wilderness adventures!


  • 【Exclusive 500 PCS First Aid Survival Kit 】KOSIN 500 Pcs first aid kit with multi-purpose emergency survival tools and all-purpose hihgest standards medical trauma supplies. The kit combines 466 PCS first aid supply with 34 powerful survival gear into a must-have emergency kit, which can be fully prepared for emergency situations in outdoor adventures, hiking, camping, travel, disasters...

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    If you start out with this and build your prepers kits or emergency kits you would not be disappointed.Start out as you use stuff; replace with exact or upgrade. most the time what you think you need in a year is not even close to what comes in handy.Those q-tips OMG
    I decided to get this because I needed a new med bag for work. this one works perfect! I did not need many heavy duty trauma dressings, but this has a few bigger dressings. I actually added one more. The interesting part about this is these q-tips. I actually had to break several to figure out how they work. so, in order to save other people, all you do is break the one side, hold the broken side up, and the liquid flows into the other side. Works perfectly now that I figured it out. I took a couple of those out, the survival tool stuff, and use the rest for work. also, the entire back is one giant piece of Velcro with the attachment. I actually just use it on my leg, and strap it around my leg. I took the survival gear and actually put in a go bag that I keep in the back of my truck with my camping gear. this is a very nice kit, at a very reasonable price.

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