Tru Salute Military Tactical Backpack Large Tan Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bugout Bag Rucksack (black)

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  • TACTICAL ASSAULT BACKPACK – This is the most reliable and dependable military assault pack on the market. The Tan rucksack has an enormous central storage cavity, a Molle bag webbing storage system, and 5 spacious main compartments that are secured with sturdy zip closures.
  • LARGE 3-DAY CAPACITY – This bugout bag is an ideal 3-Day assault backpack for preppers who are gearing up...

    User reviews

    Long name that emphasizes its "military", "army", "tactical", "assault" and "bugout" belonging. So, if you are looking for that image, it might be a good value for you. On the other hand, if you actually served, you probably already have something like this or may consider something more advanced, less flashy and more functional. So, is it more for people who have no military background and buy it for the looks and the flag? A new backpack won't have that "battle faded" tan look from the picture. It is just a simple medium sized, relatively cheap brownish-green backpack with various pockets, made in China. It might be ok but there are many others. And you can get a velcro flag just like this one separately. I've returned the backpack and do not recommend it.
    I purchased this bag because I needed to tote a heavy item (22 LBS) plus my other daily requirements (15lbs). The bag has reinforced stitching and strapping that enables me to carry more weight than a standard backup. With all of the straps being adjustable, I can disperse the load for increased comfort. The storage and attachment options are seemingly endless. The bag has a very tactical look about it, so if you are into that, a plus. I carry this bag typically short distances, for less than 1 hour per day, just for full disclosure. The cost of this bag makes it an incredible value.

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