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  • Magnetic Compass with Azimuth Bearing and 360 degree rotating bezel. Backpacking compass for cartographic map navigation and reading with Field Compass located Magnifying Glass - Compass Ruler.
  • Lightweight Compass for Hiking Backpacking. Good choice Cub Scout compass for Kids. Mini compass Best Gifts for Beginners Boy Scout Boys and Girl.
  • Hand held Compass with...

    User reviews

    I bought this compass to test the quality of a cheap compass so I could teach Orienteering. The results were HORRIBLE! The compass was highly inconsistent in my hands and would never go back to the same place as I turned back around both inside and outside my home. So I put it to the test. Check out my pictures. I am not a geomagnetic expert, but there is surly not 10-degrees of variance in my home only 12 inches apart! The compass is highly inaccurate and would lead to many people getting lost for sure. I hoped I found a cheap alternative to teach 10 youth orienteering in Trail Life, but no way. If I can't get a good read at my own house, no way I trust it in the woods!On top of the junk readings, the compass is "Water Resistant" because it is junk plastic with no quality of build. I know it's under $10, but this thing probably cost $0.10 to press. There is no declination adjustment and the "high speed magnetic needle" has the accuracy of my 10-year old telling me the directions. Wasted my money, and my time. It will be returned. The only, and I mean ONLY good thing is it comes with an adjustable lanyard.In summary, DO NOT BUY THIS COMPASS! Go buy Suunto A-30 and spend the money for a compass you can learn with and will last you for many years, not minutes.
    This piece of junk is funtionally incapable of accurately pointing North. And what is the primary purpose of a compass? TO ACCURATELY POINT NORTH! The pintle bearing is horrifically loose and the magnet itself is so imbalanced as to require the compass to be held at a 20 degree angle in order for it to swing. Another "Amazon recommended" piece of crap. There were over 250 different compasses for sale on, but really only about 25, as the other 225 were rebranded duplicates. Obviously, Amazon could care less about the product or the vendor, or the customer. Just move product promptly and bill it. More and more often I am choosing NOT to use Amazon, and the above is one of the many good reason why.

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