Lightning X Small First Responder EMT EMS Trauma Bag Stocked First Aid Fill Kit B

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  • Padded shoulder strap has reflective stitched right into the webbing
  • Multiple Pockets and Compartments
  • Reflective striping for added visibility
  • Embroidered Star of Life logo
  • Dimensions 17" x 9" x 11"

User reviews

Being active in both patriotic organizations and local. CERT, I purchased this to be that much more prepared. It’s not my place to play EMT or otherwise hamper first responders, but it is my and any American’s job to do whatever necessary to save lives before they get there..And then get out of their way! I found this bag extremely well stocked and capable for most any trauma situation, and immediately took it to my local fire station to ask EMT’s to assess it. All were extremely impressed, some saying it exceeded their own bags, and were very glad another citizen was so quipped. It needs a reliable flashlight, surgical mask, gloves and bag for Bio Hazards left after EMT’s take over, but those are easy and now part of my inventory, as it’s highly important not to put yourself at risk while attempting to stabilize a victim long enough for help to arrive. All in, this bag is a real winner, BUT good equipment does nothing without good skills! Make damn sure you understand what and how to assist a victim, because good intentions alone can and does cost lives that might otherwise be saved! Get proper training on how to assess needs and how to appropriately use the trauma tools BEFORE you act! If you want to be a hero, you are already the greatest hazard to human life to be found, so do NOT develop or have that mindset!!!
Great product. Would buy again. A few things though:1- this is my 2nd trauma bag (figures time for an upgrade) and it’s definitely smaller than the “cheaper versions”. More durable for sure but smaller.2- the medical supplies inside were on point. Not quite everything you may need but it’s a great start. Lots of storage for the items it comes with and a little more room to add your own stuff to it! Have to great at organizing to get it all to fit though!3- lightning fast shipping!Over all a great product for the price. Would 100% buy it again. Very happy with my choice. Perfect fit for a starter trauma kit, or to expand your existing stock

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