Lightning X Jumbo Medic First Responder EMT Trauma Bag Stocked First Aid Advanced Fill Kit D

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  • Full stock contents listed below in description
  • Easy access zippered oxygen cylinder compartment allows for removal of oxygen cylinder without opening main compartment
  • Color coded removable pouches in center compartment great for separating infant, pediatric, adult, large adult, etc
  • Padded divider storage compartments on top of oxygen cylinder...

    User reviews

    This kit was pretty well stocked and came at a reasonable price. In conjunction with armed intruder training, AEDs, etc this kit helped our office feel better prepared.A couple of other combat vets, including a medic, went thru this with an eye toward giving people the best chance of survival in the event of a multiple casualty event on company property.Outside of adding a couple of tourniquets, extra chest bandages, clotting agent, and Israeli bandages this kit was well stocked. The medic said he was impressed by the completeness of the kit and with the additional supplies I purchased said it was as complete as you could get for this setting.We're not looking to do surgery in the field. Just give our people the best chance of surviving until transport can arrive and safely move them to the hospital less than a mile down the road. If you need more than this you're probably not looking to have Amazon deliver it because you are in a war zone. For most offices this will be more than enough. Hope this helps.
    I am an EMT and i purchased this kit to carry in my personal vehicle. It has a great amount of supplies and the bag is heavy duty too. I did add to the kit with a blood glucose monitor, nasal cannulas, and a more heavy duty tourniquet.

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