188PCS Fishing Accessories Kit set with Tackle Box Pliers Jig Hooks Swivels

These lightweight fishing kits would make a nice addition to any survival kit or backpacking fishing setup.

In this video we looking at how I have one of my tackle boxes setup.

How to organize a tackle box. In this video we talk about organizing a tackle box with perch fishing, bass fishing and cat fishing supplies. Last night I was going through my tackle box trying to get it a little better organized. One issue is that I have different types of hooks and weights or the different types of fishing that I do. Most of my fishing revolves around 3 different types – perch, bass and catfish. Each has its own different type of hook, weight and bait. For perch I use split weight and small hooks.

To organize my tackle box for perch fishing gear, I bought a small double sided container. On one side of the container goes hooks, on the other side goes split weights. For bass fishing I use artificial bait, like worms and lizards. A bottom section of my tackle box is dedicated to artificial worms, on top of the worm is a small double sided container like what I keep the perch fishing stuff in. In this container hooks go on one side and weights go on the other side.

Unlike the round split weights for perch fishing, the weights used for bass fishing are oblong split weights used for making a Texas rig so the bait does not get hung up in the weeds. For catfishing I use a little bit larger hooks and some teardrop weights.