Scouting Neches River Hunting Spot

The Neches River in Southeast Texas provides excellent fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting opportunities.   According to wikipedia the Neches River is 416 miles long, which is longer than a lot of nations.  This wonderful river and its diverse wildlife often go overlooked, which is a shame.

Unlike a lot of other rivers across the nation large portions of the Neches are not controlled by dams which help control flooding.   So when Southeast Texas  receives a lot of rainfall is is not uncommon for connected sloughs and lowlands to flood.  When someone is scouting for a hunting spot they may be disappointed to find an area flooded, but the flood waters may recede in a few days.

On May 8, 2021 I left Martin Dies State Park and headed north on the Neches River to scout a spot I found several months previously.  Upon arriving at the location I found an abandoned tripod stand someone had put on public hunting lands. Now comes the dilemma, do you use the stand or not? If someone places something on public lands then it should be free for everyone to use, but not everyone believes that. I have heard stories of hunters finding someone in their stand, but could we be upset with the person who using something left on public lands?

The bad news, the crossing point between two sloughs was flooded with around three to four feet of water.  I could have probably crossed the water, but why take the risk. I plan on going back in a couple of weeks to check things out then. Rather than bringing my best camera, maybe next time I will bring my waterproof camera so if the water is still up across the sloughs I can store my gear in a waterproof bag and cross the area.

On the other side of the flooded area is a wonderful flatland of old growth oaks that is just begging to be hunted.

My goal is to find a spot I can camp and hunt from for the 2021 – 2022 hunting season. Most people who hunt on the Neches River travel no more than a few hundred feet from the river and set up a stand. My goal is to travel inland around a quarter mile then set up camp. Hopefully this will put some distance from the people who hunt right on the river and myself.

Next time I scout the area I will go full Rambo and cross the flooded sloughs. On todays outing I was not prepared and did not want to cross the flood waters.