Democrat Party Has Lost Their Minds

Either the Democrat party has lost their minds, or maybe they just do not realize what they are doing? It is obvious they are still butt hurt over Hillary losing. They also know there is no way to beat trump in the next elections.

Rather than addressing the issues, such as balanced trade, healthcare, cost of medicines, they go after trump with impeachment.

    • Economy is doing good.
    • Lowest minority unemployment rate ever recorded.
    • Renegotiated NAFTA
    • Forcing Chinas hand on balanced trade
    • Killed ISIS leader
  • Destroyed ISIS
  • Visited North Korea (just at the border)

President Donald Trump may no be the president most people wanted, but he is the president we needed.

Some reason democrats think impeachment is going to fix anything? Only thing impeachment will do is drive blue collar democrats away from the party.

I think it comes down the fact that Democrats do not have a platform. They sold out to wall street and depend on low income voters to keep them in office.  Take away a large portion of people on welfare, and chances are those people will vote Republican.

If Democrats want to win the next presidential election, then stick to the topics.  Stop bashing Trump, stop the impeachment hearings, and work on important issues addressing the nation, such as healthcare.

The honest truth is the people do not care about Ukraine.  What we care about is finding a good job, healthcare, college education, fair and balanced trade… etc.  Nobody cares about Russia or whats going on in the Ukraine.

Why is it so difficult for Democrats to simply address the issues?  Go to the flyover states, talk to people, sit down with them, and listen.  Rather than doing that Democrats want to force socialism down our throats.

Why was Donald Trump elected president?  Because of what the Democrats are doing.  The people wanted change and we voted for it.