When Are Democrats Going To Address The Issues

While watching the rhetoric building up to the 2020 elections, it appears Democrats are all following the same ole song and dance that cost Hillary the election.  Rather than addressing real issues facing everyday people – jobs, balanced trade, healthcare reform, cost of higher education, Democrats are bashing Trump.  regardless of who is talking, it is “Trump this and Trump that.”  Bashing Trump will only work with simple minded people, like those who voted for Hillary.

The honest truth is, voters are tired of partisan politics.  We want elected officials to address the issues.

Let’s take the example of gun control.  One person, who shall remain nameless, was talking about new gun control laws she wanted to pass.  One of the laws was to prevent peo0ple with a restraining order from buying a gun.   The problem is, there are already laws on the books that are supposed to do exactly that.

The next example is equal pay for women.  The woman said if she is elected president, she will make sure women make the same as men.  The problem is, every state in the nation already has equal pay laws on the books, and there is already an equal pay federal law – the Equal Pay Act of 1963.  So what “exactly” is she supposed to do?  Pass yet more laws that will be ignored by politicians running for office?

Democrats act as if there are no laws on the books for topics they are talking about?  Rather than passing new laws, let’s enforce the laws we already have.  There are numerous examples of criminals who committed gun crimes being let off with lesser sentences.  There are also numerous examples of criminals who were not supposed to be able to buy a gun slipping through the system.  This was typically due to someone not entering the criminals information into a database.

Then there is the issue of calling President Trump names, such as racist.   The problem, we look at a leaders traits, rather than their qualifications,   Are employers supposed to fire people because of their personal beliefs?  Personally, I do not care if Trump is a racist, that is his personal business.  As long as President Trump can do his job as president, we should not care what his personal beliefs are.

President Trump is doing exactly what a president is supposed to do:

  • Balance Trade.
  • Try to get congress to work together.

Over the past century, people have looked to the president as a form of king.  The balance of powers limits what the president can and can not do.  People seem to forget we have three branches of government, and each branch is supposed to keep the other in check.

A problem arises when one party grants a president more power than they should have.  Take FDR (Democrat) for example, and his rounding up of Japanese-Americas.   The Supreme Court upheld his actions.  Congress has done nothing to reign in those powers.

When Trump uses the authority of the office of the President, Democrats get in an uproar, why?  The issue was, FDR was a Democrat, and Trump is a Republican.