Survival Gear Additions January 2019

Stockpiling seeds and knives for SHTF

Every year I try to focus on some aspect of prepping.  Whether it is gardening, fishing, stockpiling various items, such as knives and backpacks… etc.  2019 will be no different.  This year I hope to fill certain gaps in various preps.

Let’s take knives for example.  My current stockpile of fixed blade knives with around a 4 inch blade is rather lacking.  Why a four inch blade?  Because they make a good all around knife.   They can be used for everything from skinning a deer, to a camping, backpacking, hiking knife.

Some of the knives added to my collection during January 2019.

  • Morakniv Robust
  • Morakniv Basic 546
  • Morakniv 746
  • Morakniv Basic 511
  • Cold Steel Peace Maker III
  • SOG Seal Pup

First impressions and review of the knives will be posted in the coming months.

Now let’s move to food and stockpiling seeds.  Over the past month I picked up a few Mountain House freeze dried pouches. More important that freeze dried food is stockpiling seeds.

The local farm supply stores are getting their seeds in, so it is seed buying time:

  • Contender snap bean – 1 pound
  • Kentucky wonder snap bean – 1 pound
  • Purple hull peas – 1 pound
  • Truckers favorite field corn – 1 pound
  • Straight 8 cucumber – 1 ounce

That is only 5 pounds of seeds, which may not seem like a lot.  Don’t worry, more seeds will be bought as we get closer to spring.  I had to go to the Circle Three Feed in Jasper, Texas for some chicken feed, and while I was there why not go ahead and get some seeds?

Chances are the new beans will go into the freezer, and old seeds will be used to plant the garden. This helps keep my seed stockpile with fresh seeds.

Been thinking about planting watermelons this year, but not sure.

Also picked up 7 pounds of red seed potatoes. Hoping to get the potatoes planted at the end of February. Old Farmers Almanac says something like the 24th, 25th of February for below ground crops.

Corn will be planted around the same time as the potatoes.

Everything else I am hoping to plant between March 15th – March 30th. I typically use the Ides of March as a starting date for planting above ground crops.

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