Agenda of the Democratic Socialist Party of America

Took time Friday (November 2, 2018) to vote against the Democratic Socialist Party of America, also known as the Democrat Party.

When I hear people say they are resisting Trump, what “exactly” are they resisting? Balanced trade? Jobs? Secure borders? It is estimated 1,000 manufacturing jobs are being created everyday. One of those jobs was mine.

A record number of people are employed thanks to Trumps policies on domestic production and balanced trade. Yet, people want to resist Trump, which means the are resisting jobs? The people who resist Trump resist buying a home, buying a car, and having a family? Or maybe they are resisting the idea that people do not need government handouts?

Democrats, Poverty, and Socialism

Democrats thrive when people are in poverty. There is an old saying – “People willingly turn to socialism. Communism is taken by force.” To get people to vote for socialism all they have to do is spend enough time living in poverty. Take away financial hopes and dreams, and people will generally vote for Socialist policies.

With the Affordable Care Act raising the price of healthcare, but subsidizing health insurance policies, people are being trained to accept government help. The idea of turning to the government for help is a new idea brought forth by Democrat policies starting with passage of welfare laws. Rather than telling people to pull themselves up by their boot straps, just get on welfare, food stamps, public housing… etc.

If public assistance were limited, people would have no choice but to improve their job prospects. This would be done through relocation to where the jobs are at, job training, and education. Typically, if someone qualifies for public assistance, they also qualify for free college education. Yet, welfare does not force people to go to college, or a trade school. Thus, they are hooked on public assistance for their entire lives, and the lives of their children.

Getting hooked on welfare ensures people will vote Democrat; this is why the Democrat party opposes any kind of welfare reform.  Under Democrat policies there is little hope of escaping poverty.

President Trump And Job Creation

Then along came President Trump who threw a wrench into the Democrat poverty trap.  Trumps policies of domestic job creation, along with fair and balanced trade have rejuvenated domestic production.

With the economy going into overdrive, Democrats are afraid of losing voters.  Typically there are three groups who vote Democrat:

  • Minorities
  • The poor
  • Liberal elites who think hey know best.

Once someone moves up the economic ladder and into the middle class they tend to stop voting Democrat.  Chances are they voted Democrat to make sure their public assistance would not go away.  Once someone no longer needs public assistance, they tend to vote to protect their pay check, which means lowering taxes.

Democrats know as people move up the economic ladder they tend to stop voting for the Democrat party.  So Trumps policies are a direst threat to the Democrat party.

Democrat Lies

The solution?

Spread fear amongst Trump voters – tell people Trump is a racist, and a rapist.  It does not matter if the statements are a lie, just say it and some people will believe it.

One of the problems with modern main stream journalism – opinion pieces are presented as fact.  Readers being unable to tell the difference between fact and opinion believe the opinion pieces are fact.

Rather than addressing real issues facing everyday people, the Democrat party would rather spread lies about President Trump.  Exactly what platform are Democrats running on?  They are not Trump, and Trump is a Racist.  Listen to the news and pay attention to what Democrats are talking about.

Are Democrats demanding fair and balanced trade with China?  Chances are no.

Are Democrats demanding a one payer system and/or affordable healthcare care?  Chances are no.

With a booming economy and people going to work, Democrats are left with few options.  Who knows, maybe one day Democrats will talk about the issues, such as jobs, balanced trade, an healthcare.