Dumping Trash at a Rural Bug Out Location

One of the issues with having a remote bug out location, such as a cabin, is people dumping trash. Typically the trash is dumped on the side of the road so county clean up crews will pick up the trash. However, rarely will someone dump trash on someones property. This is especially true if someone has a bug out location on a remote rural road.

When people dump trash on the dirt roads near the farm, I dig through the trash and look for anything with a name or address.  If there is a name, or some kind of identifying information, then the sheriff can be called.  I have called the sheriff several times on people who dumped trash near the bug out location.

Trash dumped in a rural area

Typically, a sheriff deputy will drive out, I will give him (or her) something with a name or address, then the deputy will go to their home, and tell them to clean the trash up.  People can be stupid.  They dump trash on the side of the road, and they leave a bill, or pill bottle in with the trash.

Having an envelope with their name and address on it makes calling the sheriff much easier.  The deputy drives up, hand them the envelope, and the deputy takes care of it from there.

Once locals figure out others living nearby have no tolerance for trash dumping, the dumping stops.  It also helps if you take a picture of the envelope with the persons name on it and post it on Facebook.  People in the local area share the post, and sometimes the embarrassed person comes forward before the deputy arrives.

Dumping trash on rural roads is one of the issues with living in a rural area.  They would rather dump the trash on the side of the road than take it to the county dump, or pay for trash pick up.

I pay around $30 a month for trash pick up, and it makes life much easier than having to take it to a dump.

Another issue people living in rural areas seem to have, they think if trash is dumped next to the road, the trash will magically disappear.  The truth is, county workers pick up trash if it is within a certain distance from the road.  This means the tax payers pay for the trash to picked up, and it is an eye sore until the trash is picked up.

This shows a total lack of respect for nature.  There was once a time when people were in tune with nature, but those times are long gone.  Today, people throw trash out like it was nothing.  We as a society should step back and think about what kind of planet we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

It is very sad when the family loads up to practice a bug out drill,  we are heading to the remote cabin, and there is trash along the side of the road. It makes a bad impression on the kids and starts the weekend on a bad foot. Then the parents have to spend the rest of the weekend explaining why someone would dump trash on the side of the road.