Thorfire TK01 AAA Battery Flashlight Review

The Thorfire TK01 is a keychain sized flashlight that uses a single AAA battery. Unlike a lot of other keychain flashlights, the Thorfire TK01 is a single output of 85 lumens.

Upon opening the box first impressions were good. The flashlight came with a small keychain ring which slips through a hole in the tailcap, and a couple of extra o-rings. The o-rings are for the tailcap which unscrews, while the bezel does not.

Thorfire TK01 keychain flashlight
Thorfire TK01 keychain flashlight

When the Thorfire TK01 housing was opened to insert the AAA battery, the spring typically found in the tailcap had came loose and fell into the battery compartment. It took a little bit, but the spring was finally snapped back into place in the tailcap.

Turning the Thorfire TK01 on and off is as simple as twisting the head. The problem is, the head is very easy to twist. Also, when the head reaches a certain point on the twist, pushing on the head will turn the flashlight on. While carrying the Thorfire TK01 flashlight in my pocket I noticed it turned on several times.

The flashlight was handed to my wife and she was asked what she thought of it. While playing around with the light, she twisted the head to the off position, and then kept turning it. The head seized up and a pair of pliers had to be used to free the head. There needs to be some kind of divot to stop someone from turning the head too far one way.

Thorfire TK01 flashlight
Side view of the Thorfire TK01 flashlight.

Thorfire TK01 Specifications

  • Weight: 0.95 ounces
  • Length: 2 3/4 inches
  • Body diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Bezel diameter: 5/8 inch
  • Lumens: 85 lumens / single mode
  • Carry pouch: No
  • Lanyard: No
  • Waterproof: IP 65

All of he specifications were taken from my testing sample.

Thorfire TK01 Tests

Typically, flashlights are subjected to at least a drop and submersion test.  Since the head of the flashlight twists, the submersion test was excluded.  Paperwork included with the flashlight says it is waterproof to IP65.

The Thorfire TK01 was held at a height of around 48 inches and dropped several times.  The purpose of the drop tests is to see if the flashlight flickers or changes settings.

The flashlight did not flicker or change settings after being dropped several times.

Because the head twists to turn the flashlight on and off, drop testing did not include dropping the flashlight directly on the bezel.

Final Thoughts

The bezel seems like a weak spot for this flashlight.  It is just too easy to turn on, and when twisted too far into the off position it can seize up.

This is the type of flashlight I would put a good battery in, toss in the glove box, and leave it there until needed.

85 lumens is plenty bright to change a tire, or to look under the hood of a vehicle that will not crank.  Or, add the flashlight it a backpack to make sure each pack has a flashlight.

I could see my daughter using this flashlight around a bonfire to roast hotdogs on a cool fall evening.

Overall, I give the Thorfire TK01 a score of around 8.5.


Full disclosure –  The Thorfire TK01 was provided at little or no cost to myself.