JETBeam KO-01 1080 Lumens Flashight Review

This is a review of the JETBeam KO-01 flashlight. First impressions is a hefty feeling light that uses a single 18650 battery. It does not feel cheaply made at all.

Double click the on/off switch and it will activate the strobe. While in strobe, click the on/off and it will go to high.  Then hold down the on/off to turn the JETBeam KO-01 flashlight off.

Tailcap is flat so it can be stood upright. Turn it on, stand it upright, and it will help light up a room.

Jetbeam KO-01 Flashlight

Something I found to be unique, the tailcap accepts quick connect swivels. For the video I took a quick connect off one of my AR-15 rifles, and put it on the light. This means the light can be securely hung anywhere.

External USB port for charging. When charging, there is a blue led under the on/off switch that will glow blue. When finished charging, the led will turn off.

No carry case or belt click are included. To me, the belt clip and carry case are subjective. Some people may use them, while others may not.

Lanyard holes are rather small. However, with the quick connect swivel, do you need lanyard holes?

JETBeam KO-01 Specifications

  • Weight: 4.80 ounces
  • Length: 5 1/16 inches
  • Diameter: 1 inch
  • Turbo 1 – 1,080 lumens
  • Turbo 2 – 960 lumens
  • High – 240 lumens
  • Mid – 75 lumens
  • Low – 1 lumen
  • Carry pouch: No
  • Belt clip: No
  • External USB charger

For hiking / backpacking it is a little on the heavy side weighing in at 4.80 – 4.85 ounces.  Hikers who count ounces will probably find this flashlight on the heavy side.

The external USB port means the flashlight is not waterproof. It can get wet, and submerged for a few seconds. However, the rubber flap that covers the USB port will eventually start to leak.  Is this as big issue?  Probably not, that is unless someone is taking the Jetbeam KO-01 scuba diving.  For most applications, having the external USB port covered with a rubber flap is going to do just fine.

JETBeam KO-01 Testing

The USB port is covered by a rubber flap, which means it would leak water when submerged.  Because of this, the typical submersion test was not done. However, the drop test was done several times, and the flashlight did not flicker or change settings.

Nighttime testing showed the JETBeam J0-01 has a wonderful beam that provides plenty of light.

JETBeam KO-01 nighttime shot
Picture was taken with a Nikon D3400 on a tripod.

There is a wildlife area next to the chicken yard I am developing.  Certain trees were cut down, and certain trees were left in place.  The goal is to allow the pen oaks and pine trees plenty of room to grow.  This is where the nighttime shots are done.

JETBeam JO-01 Flashlight Final Thoughts

I love how the base of the flashlight accepts a QD swivel. With so many swivels on the market someone should be able to find one to suit their needs with this light.

Jetbeam KO-01 Flashlight Review
Jetbeam KO-01 flashlight tailcap.

Each light has a serial number on the head.

The JETBeam KO-01 is supposed to have overcharge protection so the battery does not over charge.

A 2400 mAh battery is included. Battery is labeled as a Jetbeam product.

  • Serial numbered head
  • Overcharge protection
  • QD swivel attachment on the base
  • Brandname battery

It seems like JETBeam has gone out of their way to produce a quality product.

I give the JETBeam KO-01 a score of 9.5 out of ten.

That score is based on ease of use, and the lack of a MOLLE compatible carry pouch. Then again, with the QD swivel, the flashlight can be mounted just about anywhere.

When using the flashlight at night the on/off can be a little difficult to locate.  It would be nice if there was a divot on the flashlight to help users find the on/off switch.  Maybe have the LED under the on/off switch glow while the flashlight is on?  Just something to help users find the on/off switch in the dark.

The grip is textured, but not overly aggressive.


Full disclosure – The JETBeam Ko-01 flashlight was supplied at little or no cost to myself for this review.