Next Civil War Will Be Over Socialism

Does anyone know the back story of how the Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition) was passed? Most people think the Eighteenth Amendment was introduced, passed, and was later repealed. However, there is a long story leading up to getting the Eighteenth passed.

Years before the Eighteenth amendment was introduced into congress, there was a grassroots movement to get pro-Prohibition people elected to various positions in the state and federal levels. So when the Eighteenth amendment was introduced into congress, the people promoting the agenda were pretty certain the amendment would pass. Then there was the mass propaganda spread by people promoting the Prohibition agenda.

It would appear leftists are taking the game plan that worked with Prohibition and applying it to modern politics. Rather than alcohol, the left is taking a stand on social issues, such as income inequality. Just as alcohol was blamed for social ills, Capitalism is blamed for the ills, which plague society.


Various studies show young people favor Socialism over Capitalism. The main question is why? Why are so many young people turning away from capitalism?

To answer that question we look to the example set by Microsoft. The people at Microsoft know if students learn to use Windows in school, they will continue to use those same programs after leaving school.

What have the leftists done? They infiltrated our institutes of higher education. College students are bombarded with leftist ideology saying how wonderful socialism is. Students are told to “Look at Socialist nations in Europe and their free colleges and free healthcare.”

The leftists know the students will be future voters, and future leaders. Just as Microsoft gets students hooked on Windows, leftist sway impressionable young minds with Socialist ideology.

Young minds are taught the way to better society is to take from the rich and redistribute the wealth. They believe if people had a helping hand, and more government assistance, crime could be greatly diminished.

In short, the greed caused by Capitalism is a plague upon our society. A plague which must be cured, and the cure is Socialism.

Hard Line Approach

There is a growing belief in the leftist movement saying people like Nancy Pelosi are not progressive enough. The movement also says if someone negotiates with Republicans, they are a traitor.

The left is promoting a hardline approach of no more compromise, and no more negotiations. To achieve this, leftist are using sites such as YouTube and Reddit to promote their agenda. Anyone who voices an opposing opinion is shouted down.

Leftists on YouTube call out progressives who are not progressive enough. If a Democrat does not promote ideology such as healthcare for all, price controls, basic income… that Democrat must be culled from the party.

For example, Nancy Pelosi has been called out for not supporting universal healthcare.

The use of social networking sites makes it easier to promote an agenda to impressionable minds. Rather than taking decades to bring about social change, the Internet allows ideologies to reach millions of people overnight.


This article started with Prohibition, but what else do the items listed remind the reader of? Does the American Civil War come to mind?

We have two opposing ideologies who are digging in for the long haul.

  • On one hand we have a younger generation who believe Socialism is the answer.
  • On the other hand we have people who like keeping the money they earn and believe in the free market.

What happened when Milo Yiannopoulos was to speak at UC Berkley? Riots broke out. One day those students will leave the university, head into the real world, and they will bring their “Violence is the answer” ideology with them.

The left is breeding a generation who believe violence is the way to bring about change. People who do not agree with the leftist agenda are attacked and labeled as Nazis. Young impressionable minds envision another October Revolution. Rather than the Russian monarchy, it will be Capitalism and the Republic which will be overthrown.