Igloo 25 Qt Marine Contour Review

Review of the Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour ice chest. A few weeks ago my favorite Igloo ice chest was stolen from Mill Creek Park, Brookeland, Texas. It was a 36 quart Igloo Marine ice chest that was close to a decade old. I was cooking for a fishing tournament, went home to take a nap, went back, and someone had stolen the ice chest. Not only did someone steal the ice chest, it was loaded with uncooked meat.

Igloo Marine Contour Cooler Review

I got online and started looking at various Igloo Marine ice chest. The 36 quart was a little large for a day trip, so I decided one something just a tad smaller.

Some of the things I was looking for:

  1. Large enough for several bottles of water, and soft drinks.
  2. Big enough for one bag of ice.

The 36 quart would take two bags of ice to cover the drinks. Rather than going larger, I wanted something that was just big enough for one bag of ice.

Eventually the Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour ice chest was picked.

Igloo Marine Contour First Impressions

On May 26, 2018 my oldest son and I went on the Angelina River near Jasper, Texas to do some fishing. The night before around 8:00pm or so, a 10 pound bag of ice was placed in the ice chest. Nighttime lows were in the 70s. The next morning there was a large chunk of ice still in the ice chest.

Why place the ice in the Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour ice chest the night before? So I could see how well the ice lasted overnight, which is part of this review.

Daytime highs were in the low 90s.

We spent around 4 1/2 hours fishing on the Angelina River, then went home.  Upon arriving home, just about all of the ice had melted.  There was just a small piece of ice around the size of a grapefruit in the ice chest.

Around 36 hours after the 10 pound bag of ice was placed in the Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour ice chest, all of the ice had melted, but the water was still cold.  The water was not ice cold, but cold enough for drinks.

Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour Specifications

Measurements were taken from my personal ice chest.

  • Width: 10 1/2 inches
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Height:  13 inches
  • Wall thickness: 1 inch
  • Drain plug: No
  • Carry handles: Yes
  • Bungee attachments: Yes
  • Lid insulated: No

The specifications from Igloo say the 25 quart Contour has “Cool Riser Technology.”  I have been unable to find exactly what “Cool Riser Technology” is.  What I have found makes it sound like a fancy word for insulation.

Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour Final Thoughts

The Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour ice chest seems like it would do well for a day trip.  While on a fishing trip it did exactly what I needed it to, and that was to keep the drinks cold for one day.

As for camping trips where food may need to be kept cold for a couple of days, I can not recommend the Igloo 25 Quart Marine Contour ice chest.

The wall thickness is only one inch, and the lid is not insulated.


  • Compact
  • Keeps items cold with one bag of ice
  • Inexpensive
  • Made in USA


  • Bag of ice only lasted around 24
  • Lid not insulated
  • No drain plug

If I were looking for an Igloo ice chest that would be used on a camping trip, go up to the 36 quart and get one with an insulated lid and drain plug.

Overall, I feel the Igloo 25 qt Contour does just what it is supposed to do, and that is keep drinks and snacks cold for a day long outing.