Barbecue Cook Out For a Family Reunion

For a Saturday the day started off early.  Rather than sleeping late, I had to get the pit fired up and ready for the cook out.  My family was having a family reunion which honored my aunt, uncle and my dad.

My contribution to the family reunion was 20 pounds of chicken and 7 pounds of sausage.  However, to have everything ready on schedule I had to start the pit around 8 am Saturday morning.

Smoked barbecue chicken on a pit

The fire box on the smoker is 2 feet and 6 inches long.  To start the fire I typically use a small bag of self-lighting charcoal, with wood stacked on top of the charcoal.  The wood is stacked with two pieces long ways, and two pieces cross ways.

It is as simple as lighting the bag and letting the wood born down to coals.  When the first pieces of wood have turned into coals, additional pieces of wood are added.  Usually, two pieces of oak wood are added, each piece laying at 90 degrees to the other.

Enough about the wood, let’s talk about the chicken.

It usually takes around two hours for the pit to get nice and hot.  At which time the grills are sprayed down with olive oil and the chicken put on to cook.

The wood was a mix of oak, hickory and wild cherry.

While the pit was getting hot the chicken quarters were cut into sections.  The bad thing about chicken quarters, while they are cheap, nobody wants to mess with them. This leaves it up to the cook to cut the quarters into legs and thighs.

After the fire was started in the fire box the chicken quarters were cut into thighs and legs.

Once the chicken was put on the grill, it was sprayed down with olive oil and covered with a cajun all spice.

I usually cook the legs until the meat starts pulling back from the joint.  Some people say this is overcooked, and they may be right.  However, I know the chicken is done all the way through.

Also, cooking the chicken around 250 degrees makes it nice and juicy.

Overall, the chicken was a hit with everyone at the cookout.  Hopefully we will have another family reunion next year.  It was nice seeing my aunt, uncle and cousins.

Besides the chicken, a cousin brought two briskets, and someone else brought desert.

We had:

  • Brisket
  • Sausage
  • Chicken
  • Drinks
  • Desert

Everyone seemed to have a great time.