There Is No War On The Poor

Kevin Felts on a hiking tripOne of the common fear mongering tactics Democrats love to use, is to tell low income people Republicans hate them.  This creates a us versus them tactic that allows democrats to thrive.

Socialist Democrats go on to tell low income people how Republicans want to see poor people starve and have their benefits taken away.  Again, all lies.

The only “war” going in is a war on laziness.  Welfare should not be a career path.  Nor should generations of families be raised on welfare.  To get people off welfare, welfare should be as uncomfortable as possible.  This means just the very bare basics.

Chances are, if someone qualifies for welfare, they qualify for free college through the local community college.  If someone is in public housing, why aren’t they attending community college?  The answer suggest they are to lazy to better themselves.

Democrats Are The Party Of Hate

Democrats thrive when people are divided.  Before the United States Civil War Democrats kept blacks in slavery by spreading fear amongst whites.

After the Civil War, Democrats tried to keep blacks from voting with Jim Crow laws.

Now that blacks have the same rights as everyone else, Democrats make sure abortion providers are funded.  Where are the vast majority of abortion clinics  set up?  In low income areas.

  • If Democrats can not keep blacks as slaves,
  • Can not keep blacks oppressed,
  • Then Democrats will make sure black babies are aborted.

The goal of the Democrat party is to spread fear and hate.

Democrats Thrive On Poverty

Democrats want to keep people poor, because low income voters make up the majority of the Democrat voter base.  Once someone moves up the social ladder, they start voting Republican.

How would Democrats stop people from voting for the GOP?  Keep them poor and keep them afraid to vote Republican.

Rather than forcing people who receive welfare to get job training, or an education, Democrats fight welfare reform.

Eliminate Poverty

Want to eliminate poverty in less than 10 years?  Build a community college next to the low income housing apartments.  Once they finish their basics, bus them to the full college campus.

Or, bus all of the adults receiving welfare to the local community college.

In 4 – 5 years everyone receiving welfare should have a bachelors degree.

If someone refuses to go to college or a technical school, kick them off public assistance.

This is not a war on the poor, it is a war on the lazy.  If someone is too lazy to better themselves, they have no business being on welfare.  Welfare is not a career path.

Then again, we are dealing with a culture of entitlement. People believe they are entitled to government handouts.

Democrats Oppose Reform

Democrats will fight any type of reform that ends poverty.  This is because the Democrat party thrives on keeping people in poverty, then making them afraid to reform the system.

In other words, divide the people into two groups:

  • Those who have.
  • Those who have not.

Tell those who have not we must take from those that have.

In other words, it is not fair someone works hard and dedicates themselves.  The lazy should have just as much as those who work.

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The Democrat platform is based on telling a lie until people believe it as the truth.  The lie that they tell is Republicans are hate poor people.

Final Thoughts

If someone is willing to dedicate themselves to a career path and education, there is no reason why they can not move into the middle class.

Working fast food is not a career path.

Go to work in a welding shop.

Learn how to drive a truck.

Go to work in a machine shop.

Get a job on a tug boat.

The opportunities are out there.  If someone wants to get out of poverty, go to where the jobs are.