Democrats Continue With The Russian Narrative

Kevin Felts political commentatorDemocrats continue to play the Russian narrative.  Meaning, they refuse to accept voters rejected the progressive ideas of the Democrat party.

Some recent events:

Rudy Giuliani may be joining the Trump team.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) sued President Trump and Wikileaks.

The DNC is claiming President Trump colluded with the Russians so Trump would win the 2016 presidential elections.   However, President Trump has been investigated for almost two years, and so far no evidence has been found.

Some people may say, “No evidence “yet” has been found.”  Consider this – After the Vegas shooting by Stephen Paddock, just hours after the shooting the FBI said there was no connection with the Islamic State.

It took the FBI just hours to clear Stephen Paddock of any connection to the Islamic State, yet President Trump has been under investigation for almost two years. So either the FBI was lying about Stephen Paddock and any ties to the Islamic State, or there the investigation in Trump and Russia is nothing more than a witch hunt.

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about why Democrats lost over 1,000 state seats between 2008 – 2016, and why they lost the 2016 Presidential Election.

Democrats Continue Blatant Racism

The Democrat party is a party of hate.  The only platform they have is to spread fear and hate amongst certain social groups.

This is how the Democrat party works:

  • Pre-1860s – See those black people, they are not real people.
  • 1860s – How can so many people be freed?
  • 1860s – 1960s – Let’s introduce Jim Crow laws.
  • After 1960s – Democrats tell black people whites are keeping them down.  While at the same time, democrats move abortion clinics into low income black communities.

Democrat Philosophy:

If we can not keep blacks as slaves, or keep the from voting,  we will kill them before they are born.

Minorities voting Democrat, is like Jews voting for Nazis.

Even in the 21st century, Democrats continue their war on minorities.

Democrats Continue War On Minorities

If there is one segment of the Democrat war on minorities and the poor they have been very successful at, it has to be the weapon of welfare.

Only of the goals of welfare was to help people in need.  However, as with any government program, welfare has been abused.  People who are content with just the basics have no issues with living on welfare, even for generations.

When Republicans try to reform welfare, Democrats tell the people on welfare Republicans hate poor people.

Republicans do not hate the poor.  Welfare should not be comfortable enough for people to turn it into a career path.

Chances are, if someone is able to draw welfare they are able to go to college.  Yet, Democrats fight against work and education requirements.  Why do Democrats fight against education and work requirements?  Because they want people to stay on welfare so they can be manipulated.

Democrats prey on the poor and uneducated in the hopes of winning their votes.  As long as the Democrat party has someone to point their finger at, simple minded people will continue to vote for them.

As more minorities leave poverty and vote Republican, Democrats become unhinged as their agenda falls apart.

Democrats Stance On Illegal Immigration

Has anyone wondered why Democrats are such staunch supporters of illegal immigration?

In the 21st century there are usually two groups who vote Democrat:

  1. The poor who receive government benefits
  2. Liberals who think their agenda is right and everyone else is wrong.

With the low unemployment created by President Trumps Make America Great Again agenda, just about anyone can reach the middle class.  If someone is willing to relocate to where the jobs are at, get an education or job training, and put in the hours, just about anyone can reach the middle of the middle class.  This was evident of how Democrats reacted to Trumps State of the Union Address.

As people leave poverty and no longer need a government handout, they tend to vote Republican.

This leaves Democrats with two options:

  1. Keep people poor.
  2. Import more poor voters.

Import voters from improvised nations, get them on welfare, point the finger at Republicans, spread hate and fear, convince them to vote Democrat. Thus, the circle of Democrat impoverishment, hate and fear continues.

Democrats In Denial

Rather than accepting people do not want their liberal policies, Democrats carry on as if they are in a state of denial.

The denial is part of their arrogant attitude.  In the eyes of Democrat leaders, there is no way the voters rejected their agenda. They are so convinced they are right, Democrats can not accept they lost the 2016 election.

Rather than saying they lost and need to change their agenda, Democrats blame everyone they can think of.  Hillary went as far as even blaming women for her losing.

Chances are Democrats will spread whatever lies they have to in order to sway the 2018 mid-term elections.

Hopefully voters will reject the Socialist Liberal Democrat agenda in 2018.