Watch Out For Snakes in the Early Spring

Watch out for snakes in the early spring.  April 19, 2018 the dogs and I were walking around the farm when we came upon a snake.  I was carrying a rather old camera which takes good pictures and just wanted to get some stock snake pictures.

Rather than finding a CottonMouth Water Moccasin, the dogs and I found a Water Snake. The Water Snake (Genus Nerodia) is non-venomous and poses no real danger to humans. Chances are the worst thing that could possibly happen is for the snake bite to get infected. Which is why we should not handle even non-venomous snakes.

Texas Water Snake in bushes

The dogs and I walked through a low area where there is usually standing water. Wherever there is standing water, chances are frogs will be in the area. What eats frogs? Snakes. It is a typical predator-prey situation.

I spotted a snake tail sticking out from under a clump of grass. One of the dogs almost stepped on the snake, and the snake did not move. This told me chances are it was a Water Snake. If a Water Moccasin feels threatened, it will coil up and get ready to strike. This snake did not move when the dog almost stepped on it.

Snake Camouflage

This video was filmed with a camera that was around 12 years old. I did not plan on doing video, so I had to make due. For a 12+ year old camera it takes excellent pictures.

At the end of the video are some good pictures showing a Cottonmouth and a Water Snake.

One thing which surprised me was how well the snake was camouflaged. I walked around to the opposite side of the bush, and the snake blended in perfectly. If the dogs and I had walked across the area from the opposite direction, chances are I would have stepped over the snake and never saw it.  I may of even stepped on the snake.

This is one reason why I try to move slow around low areas where I hear or see frogs.  Bites from a Cottonmouth are nothing to play around with.

In early spring I wear leather work boots, or high top combat style boots.  They may not stop a snake bite, but they are better than nothing.

Where is the snake
Where is the snake?

Luckily, the dogs and I walked in from a direction which allowed me to see the snake, rather than stepping on it, or over it.

If the snake had been a Cottonmouth, chances are it would had coiled up and had been ready to strike.  The Water Snake on the other hand tried to hide in the grass.  When it felt there was no danger the Water Snake slithered into a pile of limbs.