Planted Two More Brown Turkey Fig Trees

During the spring of 2018 I decided to put two more Brown Turkey Fig trees here on the farm.  This gives me a total of five fig trees.  Three are in the chicken yard, and two are outside the chicken yard near the chicken house.

Planting the first set of fig trees in the chicken yard came with some problems.  For one, they were a long ways from a water source. To water the trees, about 100 yards of water hose had to be strung together.  They were also planted in sandy soil which did not hold very much water.

Brown Turkey Fig Tree

The two Brown Turkey Fig trees planted in 2018 were planted near the chicken house.  the clay layer is around 12 – 14 inches below the surface, the the soil holds water better than the sandy soil.  Also, the fig trees were planted where they could use manure in the chicken house as fertilizer.

Two More Brown Turkey Fig Trees

Tree Number 1: Was planted around 4 – 5 feet from the chicken house, and on the west side.  Hopefully, rain from the roof of the chicken house will help keep the tree watered.  Also, once the tree gets old enough, the roots will go under the chicken house where it can use the layer of chicken manure on the ground.

Tree Number 2: Was planted where the manure is washed our from under the chicken house after a heavy rain.  The clay layer on this tree is maybe 12 inches under the top of the soil.

In all, this gives me around 11 fruit trees here on the farm, excluding pecan trees.

Most of the trees are very young and still need several years before they are producing any type of plentiful crop.

Near The Chicken House

Fig trees planted near chicken house

Over the years I have tried different types of fertilizer on the first set of fig trees, and nothing seems to work.  In 2017 I mixed together some organic fertilizer using ashes, chicken manure, bone meal and urine.  The mixture was applied to one fig tree.  That one fig tree put on around 12 inches of new growth in 2017.

Unfortunately, most of that fig tree died during the winter of 2017 – 2018.  It is just brely coming back from the roots.

This got me to thinking, maybe fig trees respond better to organic material than commercial fertilizer?  So why not plant a couple of fig trees near the chicken house and see what happens?

One tree is slightly uphill from the house and will have to send its roots under the house.

The other tree is slightly downhill and the manure will be washed down to it.

Final Thoughts

When spring of 2018 rolled around I knew I wanted to plant some more Brown Turkey Fig trees, but I did not know where.   They need to be close enough to the chicken house so they can be watered when the water drum for the chickens is filled up.  I was tired of stringing 100 yards of water hose to water the first set of trees.

The next issue when planting two more Brown Turkey Fig trees, they needed to be near a source of organic material, such as tree leaves which could be raked up around the fig trees.

So why not plant them next to the chicken house?  The tree on the east side is in a spot which holds water, and gets manure washed down to it.  The tree on the west side will hopefully be able to get its roots under the chicken house.

It will be interesting to see how both trees develop over the next few months.

Now if I can just get the fig trees in the chicken yard to start growing.