Facebook Did Not Help Donald Trump Get Elected President

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorThe leftist are at it again.  This time they are blaming Facebook data harvesting and social engineering for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 presidential election.

When are progressive left Socialist Democrats going to realize what cost them the election is the general public disagrees with their agenda.

The leftist believe all they had to do was follow the script and Hillary would be elected president.  Just get on TV, say the right words, make the right promises, and the nation would have another Democrat president.

Things did not turn out as the progressive Socialist left expected.  Everyday working people saw through their lies and voted for real change.  In short, we voted for Donald Trump.


Facebook had nothing to do with Donald Trump getting elected.  Trump was elected because he addressed the issues everyday people wanted fixed, such as free trade with China.   We have been lied to for decades, and we are tired of it.

We are tired of unfair trade with China.

We are tired of companies exploiting cheap overseas labor and Wall Street keeping the profits.

Yet, the progressive left Socialist Democrats can not accept those facts.  They look for someone to blame, while ignoring what the people want.  The honest truth is. people want someone to address the real issues.

Donald Trump stood before the American public and talked about the issues we want addressed.

What did Hillary do? She seemed like she was reading a script, while at the same time ignoring what people wanted to talk about.


Socialism means individual rights are sacrificed on the alter of public good.  Under a constitutionally limited Republic, the rights of the individual are upheld over the needs of the public.

The people want their rights upheld.  Yet, the progressive left Socialist Democrat continue to promote their agenda.

For some reason Socialist Democrats can not understand why their agenda is rejected.  They look for people to blame, and their latest patsy is Facebook.

Donald Trump took the stance of upholding rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms.  While on the flip side of the coin Hillary said she would ban certain firearms.

The people voted to uphold their rights.  In short, we voted for freedom.

Address The Issues

Rather than addressing the issues people want to talk about, the progressive left is waging a media war on Republicans and President Donald Trump.

By blaming Facebook and the Russia, main stream media is undermining the public’s confidence in President Trump.  Weak minded individuals who can not see this is an all out war to promote socialism will probably vote Democrat.  In short, people will be fooled into accepting the progressive Democrat Socialist agenda.

We must remain firm and reject all of the lies put forth by progressive Democrats.

What most people do not realize, Democrats are a party who thrives on fear and hate.  Without fear, they have no platform.  Rather than addressing issues, democrats stir the pot and blame various groups for social ills.  This is they have been since the mid-1800s, and this is the way they will always be.

If we can say one thing about Democrats, they are constant in their Socialist agenda.  They will do everything they can to strip rights from the individual.  This is the way it has been in the past, and the way it will always be.