Gun Control Communist Fascist Socialist and Democrats

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorWhat do Communist, Fascist (Nazis), Socialist, and Democrats all have in common?  Let’s exclude the obvious, such as human rights violations, mass murder, slavery, opposing civil rights, genocide… etc.

All four promote gun control.

For all intents and purposes, there is very little difference between Communist, Fascist (Nazis), Socialist, and Democrats.

Some readers may be quick to say, “Democrats are champions of civil rights.”  That is a common misconception.

Here is one of the Democrat policies spelled out.

  • Create a lie that victimizes a certain group.
  • Repeat the lie until people of the supposed victimized group accept it as truth.
  • Tell the fake victims the only way to protect themselves is to take rights away from the other group.
  • After rights are taken away from the fictitious aggressors, create a new group of victimized people.
  • Make up a lie, repeat the lie until the next group believes it.

Rinse, repeat, until certain rights are taken away from various groups.  When enough rights are taken away, tell all the groups the only solution is Socialism (aka Fascism).

Before the United States Civil War, Democrats spread lies to the white community.

After Blacks were freed, Democrats continued to spread lies about blacks.

After the civil rights movement, Democrats spread lies in the black community about whites.

Fascist VS Constitutionally Limited Republic

A definition of a Fascist (aka Socialist, aka Nazis) which is not talked about very much, is how the rights of the people are taken away for the good of the public.

Under a Constitutionally Limited Republic, the rights of the individual are protected over the rights of the general public.

Let’s take the hot topic of gun control for example.

To protect the public, Fascist (aka Socialist, aka Communist, aka Nazis) would take the right to keep and bear arms away.

Under a Constitutionally Limited Republic, regardless of what the public wanted, the rights of the individual to keep and bear arms would be protected.

Under a true limited Republic, a baker would be able to refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple, based on religious grounds.  As it stands, the rights of the baker have been taken away so the baker serves the public interest, thus  we have Communism, Fascism (Nazis), and Socialism.

The sad part: people applaud when rights of certain groups being taken away.

The bakers are not discriminating, they are exercising their religious rights. Keep in mind, in a republic the rights of individuals are protected. Meaning, the rights of the bakers are protected. The gay couple has the right to find another baker.

Abraham Lincoln Was Wrong

After the United States Civil War was over, Abraham Lincoln did not want the south to be punished.  It was not only the south that opposed freeing the slaves, a great number of northern Democrats opposed freeing the slaves.

It was not the south that should have been punished, it should have been the Democrat party.  The party should have been disbanded and forgotten to history.

However, if Democrats were disbanded, another party of bigoted hate would have risen in its place.

Part of the progressive liberal Democrat mindset is they are superior to everyone else.  In the eyes of the liberal Democrat, they are right and everyone else is wrong, especially conservatives.

This is where the bigoted part comes in.  Liberal Democrats refuse to listen to opposing views.  They are right, everyone else is wrong, deal with it.

In Closing

The final goal of the progressive liberal Democrat agenda is Communism, Fascism (Nazism), or Socialism.  They will not rest until certain rights are stripped away.

Always remember, history has taught us those who talk about gun control are not interested in peace.

Democrats believe only the government should have guns.  That is the same thing Communist, Fascist (Nazis), and Socialist say.