Democrats: Limit Rights Until 21 Years Old

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorThere is a growing movement across the United States that is demanding the legal age to purchase a firearm be moved up to 21 years old.  Buyers already have to be 21 years old to purchase handguns.  Rifles and shotguns are 18 years old.

I am sick and tired of the right to keep and bear arms being treated as a second class right.  So let’s take this idiotic idea of raising the age limit to 21 and apply it to other rights.

Freedom of political speech should be limited to someone at least 21 years old.  Anyone under 21 who makes a political statement should be charged with a crime.

Freedom of religion should start at 21 years old.  No person should be allowed to attend a religious gathering, pray,  or anything associated with religion until they are 21 years old.

Limit Rights Until 21

Nobody under the age of 21 years old can sue in court.

No warrant shall be required to search someone under the age of 21.  If a person under the age of 21 has a residence, law enforcement does not require a warrant to enter the home.

Until someone reaches 21 years old, they do not have the right to due process.  Meaning, the person does not have a right to an attorney, or have the right to present their own evidence in a court of law.

People under 21 years old are not protected from double jeopardy.  Meaning, if found not guilty the government can put the person on trial over and over until a guilty verdict is achieved.

People under 21 years old are not entitled to s speedy trial.  Nor dot hey have the right to an attorney.  Meaning, if someone is arrested at 16 years old, they can be held in prison for 5 years until they are granted a speedy trial.

Excessive bail, no protection until 21 years old. Someone 18 years old is arrested for jay-walking, they get a one million dollar bail, and held in prison until they turn 21.

Cruel and unusual punishment?  Everyone under 21 years old can be tortured.

Protection from slavery? Under 21 means the person can be sold into slavery. Ten year old child can be sold by their parents and used as a slave until the person turns 21.

People are not citizens of the United States until they turn 21 years old.  Meaning they are not entitled to protection under the law.

No right to vote until 21 years old.

Progressive Liberal Agenda

Freedom is won through the barrel of a gun, maintained by the vote, and lost through the policies of progressive liberal Democrats.

Make no doubt about it, Democrats are using the divide and conquer tactic with anti-gun propaganda.  This is an age old tactic Democrats have used since the mid-1800s.

Democrats – See those people over there, they want to hurt you.

Voters – How do we protect ourselves?

Democrats – Vote for me and I will protect you.

Between the 1800s and the 1960s, Democrats whispered in the ears of whites and told them how blacks were bad people.

1960s – present, Democrats whisper in the ears of minorities and tell them how white people are keeping them down.

Fear and Hate

Without fear and hate Democrats have no platform.  When was the last time Democrats presented a platform or policy without spreading hate?  Their stance is one of repetition and simplicity over substance. Meaning, tell a lie until people accept the lie as truth.

History has proven time and time again, people who talk about gun control are not interested in peace.  Their ultimate goal is subjection and servitude.

Historically, who talks about gun control?

  • Communist.
  • Fascist (Nazis).
  • Socialist.
  • Democrats.

When Democrats have the same discussion topics as communist, people have a reason to be concerned.