Survival Gear Bundle Contest Coming Soon

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For those of you who follow my YouTube channel know, I am working on putting together a backpack bundle with various gear to give away through a contest.

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The goal I am looking for:

  • Backpack
  • Knife
  • Compass
  • Fire starter

Total package would cost around $20.

The items will be bundled and given away either on the Survivalist Forum, or here on my blog, SurvivalBoards.

I am currently in the process of doing reviews looking for items to add to the contest.

Contest Items

Another backpack is supposed to be here next week.  Some map compasses are on their way, and some backpacking style pocket knives that have a clip are on the way.

A small skinning knife I am interested in is also on the way.

The goal is to look at various items, see which ones give the best quality for the price, bundle the items, then giveaway the bundle through a contest.

Why give way a $20 backpack?  Why not?  Someone may want to win something.

I have always wanted to do a review series that starts with the cheapest items on the market, then move up. There has to be a price point where quality and price converge.

For example, is a $20 compass 10 times better than a $2 compass?  Or, is a $20 compass twice as good as a $10 compass?

By doing reviews of the gear, then the person entering the contest knows exactly what they are getting. There is no guess work.  Here is what the backpack, compass, knife, and fire starter looks like, and this is how the items perform.

Bundled Items

Would a $5 knife be enough to do a contest over?  Of course not.

How about a $5 compass for a contest item?  Probably not.

However, when the items are bundled  together, the sum of the whole is greater than the parts combined.  This is called synergism.

When the final items for the bundle have been decided on, a video will be posted on YouTube, and an article will be posted here, and on the forum.

If anyone has suggestions for a contest, post your comments below.