Democrat Cycle Of Bad Policy

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorMake no doubt about it, the Democrat party is a party founded on bad policies, then blaming others when the bad policy needs to be changed.

Democrat cycle of policies:

Create bad policy, blame someone else.

Create bad policy, blame someone else.

Create bad policy, blame someone else.

Rinse, repeat until desired social agenda is achieved.


Let’s take abortion for example. Democrat bad policy is to promote the slaughter of unborn children as a womans right. Anyone who disagrees is against womens rights. What the people do not see is how abortion clinics are set up in low income areas and target minorities.

For example, in New York City there have been times when more black babies were aborted than born. That is an act of genocide.  Yet, if someone attempts to protect the unborn child, they are labeled anti-woman.

Create a policy that murders unborn babies, specifically babies of minorities and low income demographics.

Promote agenda as a womans rights issue.

Label anyone who disagrees anti-woman, against womens rights, bigot, racist… etc.


Create a bad policy system that rewards women for not going to college, not applying themselves, and having children out of wedlock.  People will vote to ensure their government benefits are protected.

Attempt to reform the system  so people have a reason to become self-sufficient and keep families together, and that person is labeled as hating the poor, or someone who hates women.

The welfare system is rigged to prevent marriage.  When a single parent gets married, the combined income with their spouse may be enough to for the government to cut benefits.  Because of this women have a financial reason to live with someone, but to never marry.

Is there any doubt why families on welfare span several generations?

Create bad policy that rewards laziness and broken families.

Promote agenda as helping the poor.

Label anyone who disagrees as hating the poor.

Gun Control

Create a bad policy where gun crimes are rarely punished, and if they are punished, the person gets a slap on the wrist.

Two examples:

From 2006 – 2013, 13,000 gun crime cases were dismissed in Cook County, which is where Chicago is at.  What happened to crime rates?  They continued to go up.

A Chicago woman was caught selling guns to prohibited buyers.  This is called a straw purchase and is strictly prohibited by state and federal law.  What did she get?  She got probation.

Then Democrats blame someone else because more gun control laws are not passed.  In an effort to get gun control passed, Democrats use phrases like “common sense gun control“.  Yet, they can not define what common sense gun control is.

Here is an idea, how about enforcing gun laws already on the books?

Pass gun control laws.

Do not enforce gun control laws.

Blame others for gun crime going up.

Ask for more gun control laws.

Divide and Conquer

When Democrats talk about a topic, listen closely to their words.  Their speeches are written in such a way so they will incite an emotional response.  This will divide people between emotional, and logical responses.

Let’s take the AR-15 for example.  Democrats attempt to say the 2nd Amendment is about hunting with statements like – “Nobody uses an AR-15 to hunt.”  When in reality, the 2nd Amendment is to ensure the people of the United States will remain free.

Taxation is another good example.  Democrats use phrases such as – “Make sure the rich pay their fair share.”  Who defines rich? The words are meant to divide the haves from the have-nots.  How do we think people on welfare are going to vote when Democrats talk about taxing the rich?

Bad Policy

Regardless of who bad a Democrat policy is, someone is going to benefit from it.  Whether it is immigration, welfare, slavery… someone will benefit from the bad policy.

When someone speaks up, they are labeled and discredited.

Make no doubt about it, Democrats ultimate goal is to undermine the foundation of society.  The first steps on that path were by destabilizing the family, then getting generations of single parents hooked on welfare.

The liberals of California made it clear they want to spread their liberal agenda to the rest of the nation.

If the liberal agenda is so great, why does California have the Worst Quality of Life in the nation?

Also, why does California have some of the highest homeless population in the nation? Even the L.A. Times ask why California is the poverty capital of the U.S.?

If liberal Democrat ideas spread through the rest of the nation, get ready for a lower quality of life.