Society Needs Jesus Back In Our Lives

Kevin Felts political commentatorJesus taught a message of love, and for that he is hated.  What does that say about society?  It says there are some people whos hearts are full of hate.  The very idea of spreading the message of “love your neighbor” causes them to go into a rage.   They start babbling about things to discredit the message of love.  Why would someone fight against love?  Why would someone want the world to be filled with hate?

The simple answer is their hearts are full of hate.

The mouth is a reflection of what fills the heart.  A lot of people will disagree with that.  However, when a person argues against Jesus, who only taught peace and love, their heart is not filled with love.

Society has been taught there is no GOD.  What examples can we look at when societies reject GOD?  China comes to mind, and so does Russia.

Consider this, since the early 20th century, over 100 million people have been killed in nations that rejected Christ.  While some people blame Jesus for all the wars in the modern era, that simply is not true.  Atheist have killed more people that than have been killed in the name of religion.

Without Jesus there is no moral compass.  We have no higher power to direct our actions.  Anarchist say mankind is naturally good.  That simply is not true.  When freed from religion, people destroy each other in massive numbers.

Joseph Stalin had upwards of 60 million people killed.

Mao Zedong – at least 45 million people.

Just between Stalin and Mao, we are looking at around 100 million people dead. And that is only in the past century.

As society continues the march against religion, can we expect things to get better? Of course not. Take a look at liberal controlled California, the state has the highest homeless rates in the nation. Rather than turning to Christ for the answer, socialist liberal democrats try to figure out their own answer.

Society needs to reverse course and bring the teachings of Christ back into our daily lives. GOD-less atheist are waging a war on someone who taught nothing but peace and to love your neighbor. Who do we think has the best intentions in mind?

Jesus – taught peace, and to love your neighbor.

Atheist – rejects the teachings to Christ.

By rejecting the teachings of Christ, atheist reject peace. In rejecting religion, communist reject a moral compass.

My dad says the nation is morally bankrupt, and I agree with him. We have no morals, no values, and no family values. Our history is being rejected by progressives because it does not hold up to modern standards. So this leaves us with no heritage.

Yet, society is outraged when a young man shoots up a school? With no morals or values, why are people outraged? How can society be outraged when they ejected the messenger of peace?

In a previous article I asked, “Should the nation should return to Christian values?”  The answer is yes, we should return to the teachings of Jesus Christ.