Can Not Legislate a Conscience

Kevin Felts political commentatorIf there is one thing that should stop mass shootings, but fails, it has to be the conscience.  The conscience is supposed to point people in the right direction.  It is supposed to help us help us make the right decision.   What happened to the conscience of mass shooters?

What makes mass shooters different from serial killers?  Instead of killing a  dozen people over the course of a decade like a serial killer, a mass shooter kills a dozen people in a few minutes.

After the Las Vegas and Parkland shootings, the gun grabbers were out in full force.  The bodies were still warm when they were offered up as a sacrificial lamb to justify gun control.  The bodies were held high, as if to impress the gun control GOD.

Just as drugs and illegal immigrants slip across the border, so would illegal weapons.  If border security can not stop millions of illegal immigrants, what is to assure us illegal guns can be stopped?

Rights Stripped Away

Then there is the issue of rights.  Who in their right mind votes to take away their rights?

  • First they came for the guns, because it seemed like the right thing to do.
  • Then they came for freedom of speech, as it was deemed hate speech.
  • Then they came for trial by jury, because it was deemed archaic.
  • Then the Bill of Rights was deemed repealed.
  • The the government had all the power.

Once we start down the slippery slope, were does it end? It ends with a totalitarian form of government where everything is regulated – thoughts, speech, print, and religion are all deemed enemies of the people.

We are left with a communist and socialist form of form that is self-serving.

The Bill of Rights was created to protect the people from an overzealous government.  Contrary to what people think, the United States is not a Democracy. We are a constitutionally limited Republic.  The powers of the government are set by the constitution, and the rights of the people are set by the Bill of Rights.

What happens when the Bill of Rights is eroded?

The rights of the people are limited and the power of the government is expanded.  Who in their right mind gives the government “more” power?  As if the government does not already have enough power.

Yet, this is the goal of the Socialist Democrat movement – strip away the rights of the individual and give the government authority to make decisions for the people.


Look at the Affordable Care Act, which forced people to purchase a product.  “It’s in your best interest to buy health insurance, so buy it for pay a fine.”  Individual liberties were stripped away and replaced by compulsory laws.


For the government to legislate a conscience, it must legislate morality.  Who gets to determine what is moral and immoral?

In the process of determine what is moral and immoral, the government attempts to legislate morality, which is something the nation has turned against for decades.  Maybe we are onto something?  Maybe the rejection of morals and values has contributed to school shootings?

The nation has lost its moral compass.  We are a morally bankrupt nation, where unborn babies are slaughter, yet we are stand appalled when another school shooting happens?

How can we as a people teach our children that the only important thing is to win at all other cost, there is no GOD, it is a womans right to kill her unborn child, yet be outraged when someone goes on a shooting spree?

Maybe what we need is to bring GOD back into our lives, respect life, and follow the teachings of Christ?

Christ taught us to love one another, and asked us to love him.  We have failed him in every meaning of the word.  Yet, people think gun control is the answer?

The answer is to teach our young people to love each other, just as Christ taught us to.