Only Fascist Should Have Guns

Kevin Felts political commentatorThat’s right, only fascist should have guns.  That is what the liberal anti-gun and anti-Trump liberal media is telling people.

Ever since Donald Trump ran for president he has been accused of being a fascist.

The anti-Trump movement even reached a point where members of the electoral college were asked not to vote for Trump.  When Trump was sworn in, members of the socialist Democrat party had a complete meltdown.

After Donald Trump was elected president, ANTIFA organized rallies calling for Trump and Pence to step down.

Once Trump was sworn in, various website called him a “illegitimate” president.

Yet, even though the nation has a so called “fascist” for a president, members of the liberal media still want gun control.  How does that even make sense?  Why would people living under a fascist for a government want stricter gun control?

Members of the gay community went as far to say Trump wanted t round up all the gays and put them in camps.   We all know those are absurd statements.

What those who call President a fascist do not understand, Trump is the resistance.  The American people are sick and tired of being lied to.  We are tired of politicians telling us one thing, then doing something else.  Donald Trump was elected to break the cycle of lie, rinse, repeat, lie, rinse, repeat.. etc.

We voted for Donald Trump so he would break the cycle of business as usual.

Trump was elected president to put America and its people first.  Which is something that has not been done since at least the 1970s.

Once trade relations were reestablished with China by President Nixon in the 1970s, companies have fled the United States in the search of cheap labor.  Rather than protecting jobs, numerous president enabled this mass exodus with free trade agreements.

The people who voted for Trump did so because we are sick and tired of the people being put last.

If people think the United States is truly a fascist nation, then they should be asking to repeal gun laws.  We all know what fascism leads to, and that is mass oppression and removing various freedoms.  In the end, the people are left with an oppressive communist government that censors what the people can see, such as China.

By asking for more gun control, the liberal media is enabling the so called “fascist Trump regime.”

We all know Trump is not a fascist.  It is just all a ploy by liberal socialist Democrats using a divide and conquer tactic.  Feed one group of people a lie, then repeat the lie until they believe it.  It the same old song and dance Democrats have been using since the mid-1800s.

It is all just a ploy to divide the voters and to play on emotions.

When it comes to gun control, ask yourself a simple question, “What rights are you willing to give up?”  Or rather, “What rights are you willing to have limited?”

I for one am not willing to have any of my rights limited, nor am I willing to give up any of my rights.

Our gun rights have slowly been eroded since 1934.  Enough is enough.  Not a single gun control law shall pass.