Parkland School Shooting And Problems With Society

Kevin Felts political commentatorAnother day, another mass school shooting.  This time the shooting was at a school in Parkland, Florida.  There will be a group of people who blame the gun and ignore the underlying issues with society.  Was the gun an issue in the shooting?  The gun is no more of an issue than a spoon makes people fat.

Something has gone terrible wrong in society.  What is making people, especially young people, turn to violence?   Not just turn to violence, but to shoot up a school of defenseless children.  We as a culture need to sit down and address the underlying issue.

People are supposed to have this thing called a “conscience” that is supposed to keep us in check.  We are supposed to think about how our actions will affect those around us.   We all have bad thoughts, such as beating the crap out of someone who wronged us.  Regardless of the bad thoughts, our conscience is supposed to keep us on the straight and narrow.

Then there is the issue with forward thinking.  If we do something terrible, what will be the result?  Most people should know if they commit a crime they will be held accountable.  The thought of jail, trial, lawyers, losing our freedom… should be enough to keep someone on the straight path.  After all, who in their right mind wants to be locked in a prison cell behind bars?

The there is the issue with hurting the innocent people.  Surely the shooter had a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, friends from school… someone who cared about him?  Our conscience is supposed to stop us from hurting people who love and care us.

What has gone so wrong in our society that people ignore their conscience and have no forward thinking?  The brains of young adults have not fully developed, so they lack some of the reasoning skills that adults have.  Unless someone is a Democrat, then they never develop reasoning skills.

Even with a lack of fully matured reasoning skills, what would make a young person walk into a school and start shooting?  The students at the school are defenseless, and laws have made schools gun free zones.  This means students are left at the mercy of the criminal.

Is banning guns the answer?  Nope.

Are gun free zones the answer?  Not at all.

Maybe the answer is getting back to basics with young people.  This means less time on their phones and less time playing videos games, and more family time.  Combine that with community service to create a sense of belonging, and maybe we as a culture can prevent school shootings.