Nature Will Reclaim What Is Hers

The day will come when nature will reclaim what is hers. That is not speculation, it is the honest truth. In the grand scheme of things, modern humans have only been around for a split second.

For several hundred thousand years our ancestors were bands of nomadic tribes who followed the herds.  Around 10,000 years ago our ancestors developed agriculture and domesticated livestock (animal husbandry).

Dog at Sawmill

We only entered the space age a few decades ago.

For all the progress we claim to have made, we still kill each other over money, jealously, and religion. How do we rate whether a society is successful? Maybe by how well we take care of each other? Studies show Neanderthals took care of their sick and injured.  Even primates take care of their injured.  Yet, we have people dying because they can not afford medical care.

In our lust for money human compassion has been cast to the wayside.


Nature is unrelenting.  Weeds sprout from the smallest cracks, roots break foundations, and eventually termites and microbes eat away at anything organic.

After decades of natures unrelenting assault, the only thing left will be cement and bricks.  It will be just a matter of time before all signs of human occupation are swallowed by nature.

Nature only knows one thing, and that she will reclaim what is hers.  The constant onslaught is a reminder that we are only visitors in her domain.

Whether it is through weeds, roots, termites, wind, rain… whatever force necessary, she will win.

Corrective Action

Humanity is on a course of self-destruction, and nature will take corrective action.  Do we think humans are special in that we are above an extinction level event?  All it would take would be a rock hitting the earth, and humanity would be gone.

There is an old saying, “Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves.”  That is exactly what humanity is doing.  We lust after power, prestige, and money.  In doing so we push everything else to the side, including friends, family and moral compassion.

Sooner or later nature will take corrective action against our greed.

The oceans have been filled with trash, and animals drove to extinction, all through our ignorance and greed.

One day nature will lash out at humanity.  She will say, “Enough is enough, be gone with you.”  In all honesty, can we blame her?  Everyday our cities produce mountains of trash that has to go somewhere.

Reverse Course

The course humanity is on is not working.  Simply put, we have to do something different.  We cut the trees and poured cement over the soil.  Humanity no longer has a vested interest in preserving nature.  Well, we have a vested interest, most people just do not realize it.

There was once a time when our ancestors depended upon nature for everything.  For example, we depended upon the rain to make our crops grow.  Today, we use irrigation and pump water from miles away.

We tried to create an artificial world tailored to our needs, and we are failing, miserably.

For humanity to survive, we have to embrace nature.   No longer can we produce tons of trash everyday.  No longer can our waste be washed into the oceans.  We have to reverse course.

Back To Basics

Maybe it would be better if humanity returned to the start of modern society?  Which would be small groups of people who live in semi-self sustainable communities.

The other option is to continue to build cities that block out the sun and pave over the soil.

For the longer we ignore the needs of nature, the sweeter her revenge will be.