Getting Tired Of This Wet Weather

What is the deal with all the wet weather this winter?  I have a field to disk up and potatoes to plant.  If I were to put the tractor in the field with all this rain, the tractor would sink up to its axles.  Then there are the small oak trees that I need to cut and split for firewood.

The front yard is like a mud bog.  Walking from the truck to the house is almost like walking through a march.

The winter of 2017 – 2018 has been one for the record books.  Unusually cold weather, wet, and a flu epidemic.  Replace the flu with the Black Death, and the winter of 2017 – 2018 would sound like something from a history book.

Here in southeast Texas we had snow twice, and back to back night of 18 degrees.  That may not sound like much, but for around here it is strange.  The last time I remember anything like this was back in 1989.

Farm Work

Bush hogging with tractor

January and February are usually when I take care of stuff around the farm.  Hiking season will kick off in March.  The longer it rains in January and February, the further I get behind.  When the rain stops, something will have to give.  Either give up work on the farm, or give up some of my hiking time.

I will not give up my hiking time.  Which means I will have to double up on the farm work.

It seems every time the ground starts to dry up, another front pushes through, which brings more rain.  Then more and more rain arrives.

Hiking Time

Hiking trip

When spring arrives I like to head out into the woods for day long hikes.  Distance varies, but around 6 miles would be typical.  When my youngest on and I would go hiking, there were a few trips that were around 10 miles.

The hiking trips provide some much needed quiet time.  I usually get dropped off by a family member several miles from home, then hike through the woods using TOPO maps and map compass.

Along the way I stop for lunch along a creek.

Review of the Mountain House Mexican Style Rice And Chicken while on one of the hiking trips.

I have been doing these hikes since the 1990s. After 20 years of doing them, I always see something new.  Also, I never take the same path twice so there is always something new to see.

The hiking trips provide some good content for the forum, videos and articles.  They also provide a chance to try out my gear and see how well it works.

Now, if this rain and cold weather would lack up things could get back on schedule. Winter may be my favorite time of year, but this is outrageous.