Democrats: Repetition and Simplicity Over Substance

Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorHave you ever wondered why modern pop music is so terrible?  The lyrics are rather bland, and the lyrics are repeated over and over.  This makes the song easy to remember.  Just say the same lines over and over and it makes the song easy for people to follow. The end result is repetition and simplicity over substance.

This it the same trick Democrats use to cover up their failed political agenda.  Give the people a simple answer, then repeat the answer over and over until people believe it.

Rather than facing their failures, being honest, talking about why Hillary lost the 2016 election, Democrats play the blame game.

The game Democrats play is to blame Russia for Hillary losing the election.  Blaming the Russians is simple.  It gives the public an enemy to point at and blame.  The repetition reminds people that Russia is to blame for Hillary losing the election.

The goal is to give people a believable excuse.  Hillary did not lose because Democrats are the party of hate.  Hillary lost because Russia hacked the elections.

Let’s be honest, the stances Hillary took on certain topics cost her the election.

Historical Blame Game

Democrats favorite game is the blame game.  They played it before the American Civil War, and are still playing it today.  The essence of the game is to take a group of people, and give them an enemy.  Blame that enemy for all the bad things that happen to the group.

When Republicans were working to free the slaves before the Civil War, Democrats fought them tooth and nail.  One way the Democrats fought to keep slavery legal was though fear mongering.   How would the freed slaves be able to take care of themselves?  The Democrats spread fear in the white community against blacks.

After blacks were freed, Democrats fought equality with voter suppression laws and the poll tax.  Once again Republicans were able to get the voting rights act and the civil rights act passed.

Since the 1960s Democrats have been activity teaching the black community that white people are keeping them down.  Just like Democrats did in the 1860s, they are stoking the flames of racism in America.

Russia Blame Game

When Hillary lost the election, Democrats took their typical blame game song and dance and blamed Russia for Hillary losing.

It could not have been her stance on:

  • Free trade.
  • Gun control.
  • Job creation.
  • Equal pay – we already have a law on the books that ensures equal pay, and that is the equal pay act of 1963.  So then Hillary said she would make sure women make as much as men, people should have known she was full of crap.
  • Her health.  There were doubts that Hillary was in good enough health to run the nation.  When Hillary collapsed on the way to a van, that was a turning point in her election.
  • Liberal agenda.

Regardless how out of touch Democrats are, they feel their agenda is the right one.  This goes along with how liberals feel they are superior to everyone else.

Blaming Russia is easier than talking about the tough topics, such as fair and balanced trade.  Rather than saying, “Maybe people disagree with our stance on certain topics”, just blame Russia.  The repetition of blaming Russia gives people a believable excuse as to why Hillary lost.


Repetition and simplicity makes it easy for people to follow along.  This is why the blame Russia song and dance has been so successful.   Just keep repeating “Russia hacked our elections and that is why Trump won”, and people will start to believe it.

That is a lot easier than talking about the tough topics, such as free trade, gun rights, abortion, religious liberties, peace in the middle east, rebuilding  the United States into an economic powerhouse… etc.

Think about this for a minute.  For the sake of discussion, let’s say Russia hacked the elections, that means even Communist hate Democrats.