New Country Lifestyle Forum

Bushel of potatoes

Has everyone signed up on my new forum – Country Lifestyle Network?

Awhile back I wanted to shift gears with my prepping plans.  Since moving to the farm I have not dedicated the time and effort I should have into various projects, such as an orchard, and fencing in a few acres for livestock.

The goal is to build a semi-self sustainable farm.  It would be rather difficult to build a fully semi-self sustainable farm based on renewable energy.  However, I can travel down that road and see where it goes.

While I am going down that path, why not start a community and share my experiences?  That is the purpose of Country Life Network.  I want to build a community where people who live in the country can share their knowledge and experience.

The new forum is NOT a prepping survivalist forum.

There will be nothing prepping related in Country Life.  That is unless you call growing your own food prepping.

Country Life Kick Off

Before the spring planting season the goal is to get the forum established, have it indexed by Google and the other search engines.  Have members join.  Create the needed forum sections.  Do various things on the back end of the forum, such as sitemaps.

Once March gets here I am going to kick off a new YouTube Channel – Country Lifestyle.

The channel will be populated with farming, gardening, how-to, livestock…. and other types of videos related to country life.

Some of the videos will be tweaked and uploaded to my SurvivalistBoards YouTube channel.  If anyone reading this has a YouTube account, please subscribe to the new channel.

Around the same time the YouTube channel kicks off, an article section will be added to the forum.  This will be where certain content that does not change will be posted, such as certain types of chickens, or farming equipment.

Country Lifestyle Network was created several months before the meat of the content will be added.  This is because it takes Google several months to index and rank new websites.  During this phase when Google sees a new website, and when it finally starts to rank can take several months.  When March rolls around, Country Life will be online for four months.

Future Plans

It usually takes around six months for Google to trust new sites.  This gives me a two month window to add some serious content, which will hopefully help rank the site.

When I founded SurvivalistBoards in 2006, it took around one year for the site to get any serious traffic.  Rather than waiting a year and hoping traffic kicks off, I will be throwing all kinds of content into the new forum.

What does this mean for SurvivalistBoards forum and my blog?

Part of the content posted on Country Lifestyle will be tweaked and presented from a prepping point of view on both SurvivalistBoards and SurvivalBoards.

The thing is, I can not compete against SurvivalistBoards.  This needs to be two totally different communities.

Does Country Lifestyle play into my prepping plans?  Of source it does.  I just want to branch out and do some other stuff.

So if you are not a member of the Country Lifestyle Forum, please get signed up.  Things will be kicking off hot and heavy pretty soon.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my new YouTube Channel – Country Life.