Gun Safety At SHOT Show 2018

SHOT Show Gun Safety

When dealing with firearms the most important issue is gun safety. Being able to hit the target is nice, but gun safety is paramount. With thousands of people, and hundreds of booths set up at Industry Day At The Range, this could have been a recipe for disaster.

Industry Day At The Range was Monday, January 22, 2018. It was an amazing day that brought all types of shooters to the range. What was Industry Day At The Range like? It was like a shooting range a quarter of a mile long. Rather than bringing your own firearms, manufacturers had booths set up for people to shoot at.

There were all types of shooters at Industry Day At The Range – casual, professionals, three gun competitors, target shooters… etc.  I consider a casual shooter.

For the most part, just about everyone was professional and displayed a degree of professionalism. That is not to say I did not see some questionable behavior.

Pointing The Muzzle Up

There was a certain individual who was making his rounds through the handgun booths. When he would check the handgun, he would point the muzzle up at a 45 degree angle. He would shoot a few rounds, point the muzzle up, look at the handgun, then continue shooting until the slide locked back. When the slide locked back, he would raise the handgun up at a 45 degree angle and look at it again.

I saw him several times at various handguns booths, and each time it was the same maneuver. He would shoot a few rounds, point the muzzle up at 45 degrees, look at the handgun, and continue shooting.

One of the basic rules of gun safety is keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction. Pointing a handgun into the air is not a safe direction.

Picked Up A Loaded Gun

I was standing in line to shoot a handgun that hit the market in early 2017.  The individual in front of me set the handgun on the table, and the company representative called me to the shooting line.

When I walked up to the table, the company rep handed me a loaded magazine.   I took the magazine, inserted it into the handgun, and when the slide was racked, a loaded round flew out.   No big deal as the handgun was pointed in a safe direction.

The issue was: The company rep did not check the firearm between shooters.

Another gun safety rule states to treat every firearm as it were loaded.  Which is exactly what I did.  The handgun was pointed in a safe direction, and finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Range Safety Officer

At just about every booth was a range safety officer.  I took a few minutes and talked to one safety officer.

He told me they looked for any unsafe behaviors.  I asked if he had seen anything, and he said not really.  Between the shooting acting in a professional manner, company representatives, and watchful range safety officers, there was no incidents to speak of.

Gun Safety At SHOT Show

There were a couple of incidents at SHOT Show that drew my attention.  People would take a long gun, put it up to their shoulder, and look down the sights.  One incident I witnessed, was when a shotgun was pointed straight at someones head.

It unnerved me to see such a careless disregard for gun safety etiquette.

After spending three days at SHOT Show 2018:

  • Industry Day At The Range
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

I can count the incidents of reckless gun safety incidents on one hand.  Even a handful of incidents are too many.  All it would take is one accident to tarnish the name of SHOT Show.  If an accident were to happen, gun grabbing Democrats would use the incident to push gun control propaganda.