Turned 50 Years Old

Working on the bar-b-q pitI recently turned 50 years old, and life has not turned out like what I had expected. When I graduated high school and went to work, I believed that if someone worked hard, and was a dedicated employee, the employer would treat you well. That was all a lie. Pretty much everything I was taught in school had been a lie. The only thing that was not a lie, was going to college.

In 1986 when I graduated high school, shipyards along the gulf coast had collapsed due to switching to OPEC for our oil production. I thought a young man could leave high school, apply himself, and everything would be ok. It was a fantasy that was no longer realistic.

1994 was when I decided to go to college. I was working at a welding shop in Southwest Louisiana that did not provide any real benefits. There was no vacation time, just a few paid holidays, no 401k, and no health insurance for my family. Something had to change. I had been working in various welding shops for eight years, and knew they were a dead end. So I went to Lamar College and talked to them.

My first major at Lamar was for a legal assistant degree. When I found out how little money legal assistants made, I changed my major to computer information systems. While computers are fun, I should have went into something like engineering.

1970s and 1980s

Life seemed simpler in the 1970s and 1980s.  Maybe it was because I had not yet faced the reality of being an adult?  Maybe it was because there was a changing of the times?

The 1970s saw the last generation of the 1800s pass away.  My great grandmother was born around 1898, and she died in 1979.  Granny was from a generation that grew up without electricity, and without running water.  She came from an era of growing your own food, having chickens, pigs, turkeys, pear and fig trees  Granny saw two world wars and mankind landing on the moon.

This may seem like a stretch, but I feel I can relate to granny.  I have seen people who used an outhouse, and lived though the Great Depression.  And on the other hand my children who do not remember a time before the internet.

It is an amazing to remember people who grew up with kerosene lanterns, and now my children have access to the world on their phone.  How does that balance out?  On one hand I remember people who knew nothing but hard times, and on the other hand, people who have never known hard times.

I fear the good times created a weak generation.  But time will tell.


The 1990s was my favorite decade.  Bil Clinton, even though I disagreed with a lot of his policies at the time, turned out to be a wonderful president.    His greatest downfall was signing free trade agreements with China and Mexico.

Hopefully President Trump will turn those free trade agreements around.

Overall, the 1990s were a good time, except for the free trade agreements.


The 2000s were a bad time.

Planes crashing into the Twin Towers led the U.S. into a war that lasted for over a decade.

The economy was in the dirt, and then there was the Enron and MCI collapse. Worst was yet to come with the financial crash of 2008.   A lot of people are quick to blame President Bush for the crash of 2008 but it was Bill Clinton who eased the banking regulations that allowed the crash to happen.

Then obama was elected in 2008. His promises of hope and change fell to the wayside.  His presidency turn into nothing more than a president who ruled by executive order.


This was  bleak period in American history.  On one hand we had a president who wrote orders, and on the other hand we had Hillary Clinton.

Thank GOD Donald Trump ran for president,

Hillary Clinton, the favorite to win, lost by an epic amount.  Even though she won the popular vote, which is doubtful because democrats fight voter ID laws, Hillary lost by a landslide in the electoral college.

At last we have a president who would address free trade, and the United States economy. One thing is for sure, President Trump set a high standard for elected officials. the people expect people running for office to follow through with their promises.

It was a long time coming, but we finally got a president who would stand up for American jobs.  No longer can we afford to send jobs to China, Mexico, and other low wage nations.

Liberals want to whine and complain about Trump, but liberals crated the atmosphere for Trump to win.

Rise and Fall

My generation saw the pinnacle of the United States, and then its decline, and now we are witnesses its rise once again.

Under the leadership of President Trump, hopefully, the United States will once again and become great.