Cutting Out Middle Man For Prepping Supplies


One nice thing about Ebay and international shipping, it lets you cut out the middle man.  Rather than going to a store, or even ordering from Amazon, get on Ebay and go straight to the source.

Believe it or not, there was once a time when the internet did not exist.  If you wanted something, you either went to a store and bought it, or you ordered it our of a magazine.

In the stores there are these displays where paper magazines are sold.  Yes, I know it is difficult to believe, but people use to read stuff printed on paper.

Before the internet, if you wanted something:

  • You bought a magazine.
  • Looked through the ads.
  • Clipped out the order form.
  • Bought a money order, usually a U.S. postal service money order.
  • Mailed off the money order and order form.
  • Wait two weeks, at least two weeks.

After the internet:

  • Log into a website.
  • Place order.
  • Wait a few days.

Even though Amazon Prime is a great deal, there are some wonderful deals on Ebay.   For example, a couple of weeks ago I ordered some quarter sized compasses from China.  Shipping was a whopping $2.00.

For a total price of $4.82, I had six compasses delivered to my mail box from China.   How do you beat that?  If you went through a middle man, the price would probably be tripled, or quadrupled.

This is an excellent resource for survivalist (or preppers), who are stockpiling survival gear.

When my children were younger, sometimes we would grab some gear and go on a hiking trip.  There were several times when we made a spur of the moment decision to go on a 8 – 10 mile hike.  When stuff like that happens, it is nice to have some extra gear on hand.  The thing is, the gear does not have to be “that” expensive.  We are not talking about being dropped off in wilderness.  This was a hiking trip that “might” turn into a camping trip.

Middle Man

Rather than going through a reseller, why not go straight to the source?  Most companies get their stuff from China.  So why not go straight to China and bypass the middle man?  This is what Ebay allows preppers to do.

No longer do we have to go through a reseller on Amazon, or Academy Sports and Outdoors, Texsport… etc.  we can go straight to the source, order your gear, and have it delivered through international shipping.

Even though I disagree with free trade, this is a pretty sweet deal.  Why should free trade only benefit companies?  Let’s bypass those companies and go straight to the people who make the items.

I use to think free trade would kill the United States economy.  However, now that we can bypass the middle man, just about anyone can start their own business.  Whether it be hiking, camping, computers, sound systems… etc, anyone can buy straight from China and sell to anyone.

What do the readers think?  Do ya’ll order stuff off Ebay?