Survivalist: Living In The Boonies

Hiking tripIs it possible to live too far in the boonies?  Yes is it.  There comes a point where it is not feasible to live in a rural area, and find gainful employment.  There also comes a point where high speed internet ends.  Believe it or not, not even dial-up is not available in all areas.

Let’s call this line, “Living on the edge of modern civilization.”

I may live in the sticks, but there are some who live further in the boonies than I do.  If I drive several miles past my home, there are some people barely have access to electricity, much less internet.  Water is from a well, while sewage is handled with a septic tank.

For the people who live past the edge of modern civilization, it takes them around hour to drive to work.  This means the round trip is almost two hours.  That is at least 10 hours a day dedicated to work.

As much as someone would love to live without money, it just is not possible.  We all have to pay taxes, especially property taxes.  Do not pay your taxes, and the county takes your property.  This means having a job and distance to the job must be figured into our survival plans.

Then there are the types of jobs available in the boonies.  Typically, these are teachers, police, lawyers, CPA, nurse… etc.  Regardless where someone goes, society will always need a nurse, teacher, police, someone to do their taxes (CPA)… etc.  If someone is not a professional they will be working at the corner store.

Living in a rural area, I see people who did not apply themselves and are condemned to a life of poverty.  The women usually do odd jobs here and there, work at a local restaurant, work at the local corner store, Lowes, Wal-mart, local hardware store, or fast food.  Men usually do manual labor, car repair, lawn service, tree trimming, or whatever odd jobs they can find.   At the corner store there may be signs on the door advertising for day labor.

Those who do not seek gainful employment are usually drawing social security disability for some mysterious ailment.

If people living in rural ares had access to higher education at an early age I am sure they would have led productive lives.  Their despair is a reflection of how little higher education is valued in rural areas.

What brought this topic up?  I was going through my YouTube subscription list and came across a video by Townsends.  The video was about a diary from the mid-1700s.

I see parallels from the 1700s and modern day. The uncivilized people from the mid-1700s have been replaced with drug dealers of the 21st century. While Small Pox was the plague of the 1700s, illegal drugs are the plague of the 20th and 21st century.

Survivalist may think living in a rural area is an ideal situation.  Unfortunately, living in a rural area presents its own problems.  It seems that every time a heavy storm comes through the power goes off. I can drive to a local Dollar Store and not even have cell phone service.

If an educated survivalist with a degree wanted to move to the country, I would suggest they get ready for a culture shock.  There are no malls, and rarely a movie theater.  The sole movie theater here in Jasper, Texas closed several years ago.  If my wife and I want to go to the movies it is at least an hour drive one way. This means going to the movies is an all day event.

Out here in the boonies, Amazon Prime is your friend.  That is “if” you have Internet access.

People moving from urban areas may find the rural lifestyle very boring.  There are no quick trips to the mall, or quick trips to the coffee shop.  Just a trip to a donut shop may take 20 (or more) minutes.  This is coming from someone who lives on the edge of modern civilization.  For the people who live further in the boonies than I do, my hat is off to you.