Trump Sets New Standard For Politicians

Ever since politics was invented, people lied, took bribes, made fake promises, whatever it took to get elected.  The voters knew this.  However, deep in our hearts we hoped the politicians might keep some of their promises.  After all, when someone makes a promise, they are supposed to least “try” and keep it, right?

Politicians however, do not even try to keep their promises.  There is no explaining why something did not work out.  Such as obama making promises that healthcare insurance would cost as much as a cell phone bill.  Or that a college education should be affordable.   Regardless of how many promises obama failed to keep, he was reelected.  What does that say about the voters?

Then Donald Trump came along.  He made promises, and he is keeping those promises.  Unlike presidents over the past 100 years, Donald Trump is holding true to his campaign promises.

When obama did not follow through with his campaign promises, did the mainstream media hold him to task?  Was he grilled and asked to explain what happened?

Of course not, because we knew what happened.  Elected officials cave to special interest.  They sold out to wall street, or to whoever helped them get elected.

President Trump got elected on his own dime.  As such, he does not have to obey the Wall Street overlords.

Trump holding true to his promises has politicians and main stream media terrified.  Because now, elected officials will be expected to hold true to their promises.

Main stream media is terrified because they are faced with a double standard.  It is clear main stream media is treating Trump different than Bill Clinton or Obama.  Back in the 1990s, Democrats said a lot of the same things Trump said.  The difference is, Trump is taking action.  Bill Clinton had some stern words about crime and illegal immigration.  In the end, Bill did almost nothing about either one of them.  The Brady Bill was signed into law, and the Assault Weapons ban, and that was about it.

Politicians Should Be Worried

Politicians should be concerned, because voters are going to expect them to keep their campaign promises.  If an elected official makes a promise to the people, then that elected official should keep that promise.

After all, if Trump can keep his campaign promises, then so can everyone else.

In the coming years people will look at elected official and ask, “Did they keep their promises?”  If the answer is no, then hopefully that person will be voted out.

Trump has been honest with the people.  He is the first president I have ever seen that has honestly kept his promises.

  • President Trump sets another standard by putting the United States first.
  • Members of the United Nations Nations who vote against the United States risk losing money.
  • Nations who do not stand firm against terrorism lose their funding.
  • Trade deals that put the U.S. at a disadvantage are being renegotiated.
  • Fair and balanced trade partners.

So not only will elected officials be expected to tell the truth, they will be expected to put the United States first.  And that has them terrified.