Obstructionist Democrats Chalk Up A Win

Kevin FeltsObstructionist Democrats won a small victory. Even this small win is worrisome, because it shows how democrats can use the courts to obstruct the Executive Branch.

Shortly after Donald Trump was sworn in, a commission was formed to look into voter fraud.   The investigations would focus on democrat controlled states where there may be a history, or suspected, voter fraud.

Obstructionist Democrats sued the Trump administration, effectively blocking the investigations. Chances are the suits would have taken years to work their way through the court system. Rather than dragging the lawsuits out, the Trump Administration dissolved the commission.

The question is, what are democrats trying to hide by obstructing the Trump Administration?  There is an old saying, “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about.”  From their actions, it would appear Obstructionist Democrats have a lot to hide.

Three Branches of Government

The federal government is divided into three separate and equal branches.

  • Legislative Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch

What happens when one branch uses another branch to obstruct justice? Obstructionist Democrats used the Judicial Branch to bring justice to a grinding halt.  There was a question about voter fraud from the Executive Branch. A party of the Legislative Branch (Obstructionist Democrats), used the Judicial Branch to obstruct the Executive Branch.

How is a government supposed to operate when the three branches can not work together?  Or rather, why is a political party allowed to use a branch to obstruct justice?

Allowing democrats to stonewall the Executive Branch sets a dangerous example.

One problem is federal judges are appointed for life.  Maybe that needs to change?  Maybe congress needs to review the judges position and their decisions every four or five years?

Better yet, let the people living in the district the judge presides over vote for the judge.  Force the federal judge to run for re-election every four or six years.

This would make the judges accountable for their decisions.

Obstructionist Democrats

Democrats have fought President Trump at every turn.  They have taken every opportunity to obstruct the presidents progressive agenda.

What are democrats afraid of?  Are they afraid of putting people to work?  One of the driving factors for democrat voters is social services.  When people are put to work and no longer need help, they will stop voting democrat.

Democrats are the party of fear.  They drive divisions between groups, then tell one group, “Those people over there, they want to hurt you.”  That is the way it has been since the 1800s, and that is the way it is today, and that is the way it will always be.

Without fear, democrats have no platform.  When their underhanded tactics are going to be exposed, they fight tooth and nail to obstruct justice.