Food Will Be The Focus For 2018

Growing potatoes for food

Food production and preservation will be the focus for 2018.  Every year I like to pick a topic and focus on that topic.  Other ideas and topics will be covered throughout 2018, but the main theme for articles and videos will be food.

Food is a must have for everyone.  Without food production, humanity has no future.  Maybe we could revert to a hunter-gather society, but those societies do not flourish.

Food is the foundation of every modern society.  When societies lose access to food, collapse is close behind.  We have numerous examples of this through history.  Only with a stable food supply do we have governments, science, technology… etc.

Types Of Food

In 2017 a small garden was planted that used decade old seeds.  That experiment answered a lot of questions about how long seeds can be stored in a deep freezer.  While looking through my seed stockpile, I found some seeds dated 2008.  This means in 2018 I can do another experiment with 11 year old seeds and more 10 year old seeds.

Spring of 2018 will focus on seeds, gardening and hopefully some fruit trees.  As discussed in a previous article talking about fruit trees and orchards, there is a place near the chicken house I would like to clear out for a small orchard.  This will take some time and I am not sure it will be ready by early summer.

Food preservation will be another topic.  Dehydration and canning will be some of the main topics.

Nutrition will be another topic.  What types of food should be grown so a group can have a balanced diet?

Examples include:

  • Beans.
  • Peas.
  • Squash.
  • Corn
  • Spinach.
  • Okra.
  • Potatoes.

I am especially interested in drying beans for preservation through the winter months.

In the middle ages people would make a type of flat bread using wheat and ground up dried beans.  The beans meal would be added to flour to make the flour last longer.

Storing Food

What would it take to dehydrate pears, peaches, figs and other fruit harvested on the farm?  Could that dried fruit remain edible for months?  Rather than using an electrical dehydrator, could the sun be used to dehydrate the fruit?  I am sure the sun could be used in such a manner, but how long would it take?

Other items, such as beans, corn and okra, could they be solar dehydrated?

Could dried beans and corn be ground into a meal, like mentioned before?  Could that meal be used to bake with, or fry meat with?

In other word, in the absence of wheat, what else can be used?


Seeds will be an important topic, as you have to have seeds to grow food.

What kind of seeds should by stockpiled?

Seed rotation will be another topic.  For example, I always label the seed packets with the month and year.  This helps streamline seed rotation.  Simply look through the seed stockpile, pull out the oldest seeds and use them.

Final Thoughts

2018 will be an interesting year.  I have a lot of stuff to cover.  The back nine acres will be worked on, and hopefully get some livestock this year.  As much as I would liek to do, there is only so much time in a day.