2017 Was A Wild Ride

One thing is for sure, 2017 was one for the history books.  Not only was Donald Trump sworn in, but we also got to see the true side of the liberal left agenda.

2017 laid bare how divided the United States really is.  There is no longer a peaceful transfer of power.  People in powerful places play politics in an attempt to undermine the Republic.  After President Trump moved into the White house, there was leak, after leak, after leak…  Never in the history of the United States have the people seen such contempt for the president.

When Trump was elected president, the liberal left went into full meltdown.  And to think Trump was mocked for his answer when asked,  “If he would accept the election results.”  Funny how things work themselves out.  In the end, it was the Socialist Democrats who refused to accept the results.

Then there were the natural disasters and mass shootings that rocked 2017.

Make America Great Again

Why is President Donald Trump hated?  Because has a United States first agenda.  His goal is to, “Make American Great Again.”  Which some people argue” America was never great.”  The people who say America was never great do not know their history.  Capitalism drove the world markets.  Do people of Socialist or Communist nations innovate?  Of course not.  History teaches us slaves do not innovate.

America was great because the people were free to innovate, and then make money off their creations. However, starting in the 1970s things took a turn for the worse.  Nixon established relations with China, and our factories started to flee to the cheap labor of China.  China is now the worlds largest trade partner, in part because of innovation that originated in the USA.

It is too late to stop factories from moving to China, but what can be done it fair and balanced trade.

Free and open markets are a lie, because rich nations lose to the cheap labor of poor nations.  In the end, both nations lose.  Cheap wage workers are exploited, and when wages and working conditions do improve, company owners will move the factory to wherever cheap labor can be found.

As wages improve in China, factory owners are looking at moving to Africa.  It is just a matter of time before companies pull out of China.

The only feasible long term solution is fair trade agreements that protect jobs in the United States.  President Trump is working on doing exactly that.

Mass Shootings

One of the most disturbing trends of 2017 was the number of mass shootings.  What has gone so wrong in our society that people inflict so much harm on others?

According to anarchist, people do not have to be told how to act. When given the choice, people make good decisions. Then I think about Devin Patrick Kelley and how he brought an AR-15 into a church and killed a number of people. What went so wrong in Devin Patrick Kelley’s life that would make him think about doing something like that? Let’s say Kelley plotted the church shooting, where was his conscience?  Why didn’t his reasoning ability stop him from committing such acts of violence?

Then there was the Route 91 Harvest music festival shooting. Who in their right mind inflicts so much violence upon others?

Something has gone terribly wrong in our society, and it is not the guns.  It is as if people have no conscience.

It is as if the very core of society is deteriorating.  The nation is morally bankrupt.

As usual, Democrats used the bodies of dead children to promote their gun control agenda.  Thankfully, we have a pro gun rights president.  Gun ownership is a right, and only idiots vote to restrict their rights.

Natural Disasters

  • Hurricane Harvey
  • Hurricane Irma
  • California fires
  • Blizzard of December 2017

2017 was a year parts of the nation were either flooded, burned, or frozen.

After Hurricane Harvey, certain people were quick to blame global warming, which was absurd.   Hurricane Harvey was a hurricane that attempted to go between two ridges of high pressure.  Harvey hit the high pressure and stalled.  This had nothing to do with “global warming.”   It was nothing more than a hurricane at the wrong place, and at the wrong time.

Here we are at the end of 2017 and parts of the nation are setting records for low temperatures.


One of the big disappoints of 2017 was how the Republican establishment fought President Donald Trump.  The Democrat party was already unhinged.  The election of Trump made Democrats even more unhinged.  There was talks of impeachment shortly after Trump was sworn in.  So much for a peaceful transfer of power.

Then there are the lawsuits against the Trump administration at every turn.  Since Socialist Democrats could could not beat Trump in the election, then they use the courts to stall his agenda.  There is no teamwork in congress.  The radical left refuses to come to the talk and work out their differences.  Democrats have caused the government to grind to a halt.

Thankfully, Republicans got their act together and got a tax reform bill passed.  Even this upset the Democrat party.  For some reason, Democrats are afraid of people keeping more of their money?  As for companies keeping more of their money?  Good, because companies innovate and hire people.

2017 has been a wild ride, and I am looking forward to 2018.

As a finishing touch, here is a video I posted in December of 2016.

How many of my predictions came true?