Why Is Donald Trump Hated By Liberal Media?

When Donald Trump first announced his run for the presidency there was a backlash from main stream media.  Why was that?  As Donald Trump made progress in the polls main stream media fought back.  Liberal Socialist Democrats threw everything they had, and everything they could fabricate, against Donald Trump, and he still won.

After Trump won the election, main stream media waged an all out war on the president.  Why was that?  Why were Liberal Socialist Democrats so opposed to Donald Trump winning the 2016 election?

The simple answer is, Donald Trump is going to what is best for the nation.  He could not be bought, nor did he owe a debt to those who got him elected.

For example, before the Affordable Care Act was passed, President Obama met with people who represented insurance companies.  Who do we think the ACA represents, the people, or insurance companies?

Who has President Trump met with before making decisions?  Did he meet with special groups before signing anything?  Well, he spoke at an NRA rally.

Would we rather a president meet with industry groups, or groups who uphold our rights?  Thus is the quagmire of Donald Trump. Liberal Democrats know Donald Trump will do what is best for the nation, and that is why he is hated.

Donald Trump will set a new standard for presidents to follow. No longer will it be acceptable for politicians to lie during the election. From now on they will be expected to hold true to their promises. What is sad, politicians were allowed to lie to start with. “Exactly” where did the promise of Hope and Change hold true? We were promised health insurance that cost as much as a cell phone bill. After the Affordable Care Act was passed my health insurance went up 9%, which is three times the rate of inflation.

The problem is people have short term memories. We forget about the broken promises and listen to what the opponents and main stream media tell us. People do not spend enough time reading the fine details. We would rather be spoon fed by main stream media than to do our own research.

When the next president is elected and he lies through his, or her, teeth to get elected, the people will wish they had Donald Trump back in office.

To counter a president holding true to his promises, what has the government done?  It ground to a halt.  How did democrats react to a president who intends to hold true to his promises?  They fight him tooth and nail.  In every sense of the word, democrats are undermining the republic.  The people elected Donald Trump, yet democrats fight him on every corner.

Hopefully Donald Trump will win re-election and the liberal socialist agenda will be set back a generation.