Going Through My Backpacks

Hiking trip

Got several backpacks out of the storage room and went through them.   The issue with having a collection of packs is the gear gets spread through them.  Depending on the length of the hike, and what I am doing, certain gear may be brought along.  After awhile, gear is spread through all the packs.  There might be a stove here and a stove there, and a knife here and a knife there.

Things get so disorganized the packs have to be pulled out, emptied, and everything rounded up.  I need to clear the storage room out and get the backpacks and gear better organized.

For example, I have been using the Sawyer PointOne on a couple of outages.  However, I still like to bring the Katadyn Vario from time to time. This means the Sawyer Pointone is in one pack, and the Katadyn Vario is in another pack. The problem starts when I forget which filter is in which pack. then I have to go digging through the packs until I find the gear I am looking for.

The simple solution is to pull everything out of the pack and sort it after the trip is over. Maybe get some wire racks, and keep my usual gear in them. Or maybe get some milk crates and put items in them? One crate for stoves and pots. Another crate for water filters. Then another crate for stuff like a compass, GPS and TOPO maps.

One of the problems is over the decades I have collected a decent amount of gear, and have been sent some for reviews. I may have half a dozen cook pots, and four or fives stoves.

The gear I pick for a hike may not be necessarily be the best for the trip. Sometimes I want pictures and video of certain items, so they are brought on the hike.

Let’s say I want to do an article about a military surplus pack, like the patrol pack, then I dig the patrol pack out of the stack.  Maybe I want to do an article on the medium ALICE pack, so the medium ALICE is dug out of the stack.  Then I have to dig through all the other packs to find the gear I want to take on the trip.

Maybe I should sell some of my gear?  That would probably be a mistake.  I like having extra gear to hand out to guest who may want to go on a hiking trip.  There have been times when my nephew, or a friend of my son, came over and we decided to go on a hike.

From time to time I will give away extra stuff on the forum.  But it has been awhile since I have done that.

Maybe I need to sort through everything and put the stuff I rarely use in tubs?  Then keep the stuff I use on a regular basis out where I can find it?

Video about my medium ALICE pack.