Say NO To Black Friday Say YES To Family

Which is more important, finding something on sale, or spending time with the family?  Are we a nation of morals and values, or are we a nation who sells family time to the highest bidder?  Black Friday has become a disgrace to the civilized world.

No longer do we sit with family members, talk, and enjoy the company.   As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, out the door we go to find the best sale.  By doing so, what are we teaching our children?  Which is more important, listening to granny and grandpaw, or finding a good deal on a TV?  That is the dilemma we are faced with.

Once granny and grandpaw are gone, they will never be replaced, their memories gone forever.

If a TV breaks, it gets replaced with a newer and better model.


Are those the morals and values we want to pass down to our children?  That saving a few dollars is more important than family time?  The most important thing we have in this world is family.  Yet we sell that to whoever has the most off a new toy?

How did we become a nation obsessed with selling our morals, values, and family time?

When I was a child, did I like getting toys at Christmas?  Sure I did.  I also miss being able to talk to my grandfather, grandmother, great grandmother and great grandfather.  The toys were forgotten about.  My grandparents and great grandparents will never be forgotten.  Time has a way of slipping by.  The more time we spend with family, the better.

How much generational knowledge has been lost in your family because you did not take the time to listen to your parents, grandparents and great grandparents?  How many stories have been lost?  And at for what?  Because we wanted to catch something on sale, or did not want to take a few minutes out of our day?


Holidays should be a time for family, and not a time for shopping.

Forget about Black Friday.  Forget about saving a few dollars on a toy that will be forgotten.

Invest that time and money into the important things, and that is your family.