Good Times Created A Weak Generation

Compared to the Boomers, the children of Boomers (Generation X) are weak.  Not just weak physically, but also weak emotionally.

Millennials are weaker than Gen. X and boomers.  Watching Antifa protest President Trump and conservatives as being Fascist is rather sad.  When questioned, a lot of the kids can not provide an exact answer to questions about president Trump.  From the looks of them, most of the Millennials have never held a manual labor job.  They have never built anything, never welded anything, never worked 80 hours a week doing a manual labor job.  But, they can find the time to protest against something they do not understand?

Where has society failed Millennials? For example, recent polls show Millennials favor Communism and Socialism over Capitalism.  Yet they protest so called Fascist?  This shows the level of their intelligence. Communism, Socialism and Fascism are all first cousins.

To quote Joseph Goebbels,

[…] the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight.

If the children of today think GOD fearing conservatives are Fascist, they are in for a rude awaking when the ugly head of real Communism and real Fascism rears its ugly head.

To answer my own question, Capitalism failed Millennials by teaching them to follow their dreams. As Mike Rowe said, how can you tell someone to follow their drams when you do not know what their dreams are? Maybe their dreams are to fly airliners into skyscrapers? Its ok though. Whatever your dream is, you should follow it, which is a line of bull.

The most important lesson someone can learn in Communist society is how to make money. This follow your dream does not help when someone can not pay their bills. First and foremost, learn a skill or trade.

Teach young adults about the tax code, and how to use the loopholes.

Instill the values of home ownership. Here are signs of things to come:

A quarter of UK household will be renting by 2021.

Population of ‘silver renters’ set to hit a million – as people are leaving it too late to get a mortgage.

Somehow those people worked their entire lives and never bought a home and paid off a mortgage.  Now they are left paying rent on a fixed income.

However, is it really their fault?  People are told that it may be better to rent than to buy a home, which is complete crap.  So yes, it is their fault if they settle for low paying jobs and student debt that will take decades to pay off.

Why do I say housing troubles is a sign of the future?  Because Millennials Are Setting New Records—for Living With Their Parents.

We made a generation who will never be financially independent, may never own their home, have student debt that will take decades to pay off, yet they protest Capitalism?

The downfall of Capitalism will be by our own hands. How can we create a generation whose sole purpose is to pay off debt, rent and pay taxes, and not except them to revolt? The problem is, they are revolting against the wrong people. Their lack of judgement and decision making skills made them easy victims.

Who made Millennials victims? Let’s start by blaming the parents. Parents who hovered over their children and cuddled them every time they were hurt. This cuddling contributed to a weak generation that is offended by everything around them.

Besides revolting against Capitalism, these future leaders will vote, and will shape the political landscape in coming decades.

If Millennials think Capitalism is bad, wait until Communism is established.  They will really have something to complain about then.

It seems with every passing year the nation is divided even more.